One wheeled motor bike!

Has anyone else heard about the Bombardier Embryo? They won’t be coming out until 2025, but when they do come out I’ll buy one no matter how expensive!(even though my unicycle will always be better) Please let me know what you think about it!


That’d be rad to ride. I’d hate to think about how many “Pop a wheelie!!!” comment’s you’d get on one of those. I get too many already, motorless as i am.

Re: One wheeled motor bike!

There are about a million threads on this thing, the first of which I think was started by me. Search on posts I started…it was something like “I finally found my other wheel”. There have been many others since.

Really cool concept, and given the design breakthroughs from the Segway scooter, not entirely unimaginable. That said, I don’t think there is any indication Bombardier really intends to build the thing. Seems like much more of a “conceptual design competition” entry.

But just in case, I’m going to move forward with several improbable get-rich-quick schemes, so if it ever hits the market I can be first in line.

There’s no way I’d get on one of those; the thought of a gyro failing at 60 MPH is not a good one.

I do like the styling though. and it would be awsome to see one in action.

I believe that they have extendable legs that come out at slow speeds/stopping.

surely there’s scope here for a unicyclist to get in touch with the company and inform them of the mechanics of idling?

I’d love to see one of these babies rocking back and forth while waiting at the traffic kights :slight_smile:

Would the eunicycle idle? Part of idling is to control your balance side to side, which is the only direction eunicycle doesn’t self-balance.


These were mentioned on Slashdot (News For Nerds. Stuff That Matters) about 6 months ago. Below a certain speed 2 wheels come down I think, 1 front, 1 back, to keep it upright at traffic lights and such…
I’m tempted to raid the local Bombardier factory in case they have any prototypes I could “borrow” :wink:

here we go again… :roll_eyes:

Its a cool looking machine, but I doubt they have any prototypes as that img of the cycle was computer generated :smiley:

I doubt I’d get one because first, they would probably be outrageously expensive, and as onewheeldave said, the technology is WAY to new and if it malfunctioned… :wink:

The “training wheels” are visible in the front of the machine.

This cool-looking device is an industrial design showpiece. There is no science behind it nor intent to develop one. It would be really cool if it worked, but there is a huge step from the “smarts” of a two-wheeled Segway to what that thing would have to do.

Consider the training wheels. It will only balance on those if you’re going straight. Anything more than the slightest turn at 5 mph and it’ll fall right over. Maybe they spread out when they come down, that would be different. So I wonder how you steer with those wheels down? Critical steering on a motorcycle is always when you’re going slow. That’s when you’re most likely to drop the thing.

So there is much to consider in the design of a (safe) motorized unicycle. Though riding it in a straight line at 10 mph and above might not be too difficult to figure out, slow-speed maneuvering would be a whole separate set of problems…

well, it’s not like they’re pressed for time or anything… they have, what, 21 years to work out the kinks?

I wouldn’t want one. The fun of unicycling is being able to balance it using your sense of balance, not a computers, plus when i’m on one wheel speed doesn’t seem all that important to me. Besides, like John said, it’s hard enough to control a motercycle at slow speeds ( still learning) : ).


A 1-wheeled segway would be interesting. It could work like so: whenever the vehicle leans in one way or another, accelerate in that direction.

Thus it would be self-balancing, AND you could control the device by simply leaning in the direction you want to go!

It could use a ball instead of a tire. Like a computer mouse.