one wheel two wheel love

Don’t know if this has been posted before, but here’s a great video where a bicyclist longs to be a unicyclist.

it already has been posted here. But it stills cool:) I would like to ride a b*ke like that, it’s like riding a Giraffe.


That is, a stage with a trampoline hole in it. Those guys had some great moves! I wonder who they are. The unicycle guy even did some of my moves. I noticed the uni was a Koxx. Are they French?

Thank you for re-posting this! I didn’t get to see it the first time. Very enjoyable video. Great skills and stage presence from both the bicyclist and the unicyclist, and the psychedelic mood music was not unwelcome, either! That trampoline looked fun.

I was kind of surprised, though, that the bicyclist got so much applause for his backflip, while the unicyclist got so little for his.

that was pretty cool. I thought it was insane how he was jumping on the trampoline and stuff, without holding the seat, but then later in the vid i saw the pedals. still insane though :smiley:

Get used to it. People understand bikes more because they ride them. With unicycles, most tricks don’t register much, because the basic act of riding doesn’t seem that much easier to the average audience member. Also, bikes are bigger, so flipping the bike looks like a bigger deal.

Consequently, when I get the opportunity to do a show, my artistic bike (like the one in the video) will always be included if there’s enough space. As far as audience response, standing on the bike while juggling clubs beats anything I can do on a unicycle. :frowning:

Magnificent video and very funny. Thanks for posting this!

that was amazing, best unicycle performance type thing ive seen.

did he have clip in pedals then?

Yes, both of them.

I’m sure it makes some of the tricks a lot easier, esp the backflips.

John - I think part of the reason why there was less applause, in this case, is that they just saw a backflip, and the audience was kind of expecting it. But I agree, they have no experience to refer to to comprehend the difficulty of many things unicycle related (I occationaly get “your AMAZING” by just riding down the street:p)