One Wheel Too Much?!

Ok, well I woke up at 7:30 today and rushed to get to the South Shore Train, which travels between Chicago and Indiana. I arrived there just 5 minutes before it was to depart and, well, here’s the complaint I filed.

Your rule specifically states “No Bicycles”, and I understand this, as they are too large and take up seat/aisle space.

I was told I couldn’t bring my unicycle on the train back to Indiana from the Randolph Station this morning for the 8:45 departure. Both the female conductor and a gentleman wearing a NICTD staff shirt I talked to said I needed to put the unicycle in a bag and were not clear at all about what the actual problem was with having a unicycle on board. They literally just shook their heads and mumbled.

This unicycle is the size of typical large suitcases I have seen on the train before and could have been placed next to me and taken up the space of a small child or stowed in the overhead rack without a problem. What bothers me even more though is that this was the train that rarely fills up on it’s way back to South Bend at such an early time in the morning (everyone is commuting into Chicago).

If you could please tell me what problems one wheel can cause, I’d appreciate it. Also, I would like to know where I can pick up a unicycle bag, as I wasn’t aware there is a market for them since they’re portable and light-weight.

Thanks for your time and I apologize you have to read through my frustration,

Brendan Leahy

Talk about getting pissed off, I felt the urge to bunny hop on these fools til they were no more. I didn’t though, I put on my Jesus face and condemned them to hell.

Did they even let you on the train?

I have this problem with buses sometimes.

Sometimes the driver won’t let me on, sometimes he will make me put it up on the wheel well, sometimes I ignore him and just sit down when I’m in a less than great mood.

hey man i take my unicycle on the metra train in/out of chicago all the time (even during rush hour). I just walk on like its no big deal and put it between my legs so it don’t take up much room. I always were sunglasses so i don’t make eye contact with any of the conductors and just pretend like its perfectly normal to be carrying a unicycle onto the train.

A few weeks ago I brought my unicycle onto a NYC bound train, built an entire CF seat right there had all my tools and hardware allover the place. I was just getting done as the train got crowded and had to kinda keep the uni threaded between my legs. Anyway I had no problem talking it on the train. On on a crazier note, on the train home I had to sorta sit with it in the standing section as there was no seats def got the conductors eye, and he ended up trying to ride it right on the train. At first he wanted to bet… I figured… friendly train man making a bet, he prolly knows how to ride… nope:D . smach right onto his ass, I almost fell over laughing as everyon in that car turned to see what the toolbelt against teh floor sound was all about… there were a few gasps of couriousity as they saw the conductor lying on his back, ahhaha:p

I had my camera and should of had the whole event on film, but I didnt turn it on as were his whishes, poor fellow would rather keep his job on the train than get fired and ride uni all day haha.

What size unicycle did you try to carry on?

You can find duffel bags or stuff bags big enough to fit a trials or muni. A 29er will require some hunting and experimentation to find a suitable duffel. A Coker will require a custom bag.

You probably don’t even need a bag big enough to fit the entire unicycle. Just something that will fit the wheel with the cranks and pedals. You can leave the saddle sticking out of the top.

Go searching at a military surplus store or an outdoor gear store. Should find a good selection of duffels and stuff bags.

I get that feeling when i’m traveling with my unicycle buddies on the trains here. For some stupid reason, they consider a unicycle to be a bike when i tell them a unicycle doesn’t have a chain (excluding a giraffe) or handlebars. :thinking:

Also my lady friend 51" monster is considered an obstruction on the trains and is my friends TX which is considered a break in the rules. :angry: :angry:

Yep, I had a similar experience on the bus here once - the driver insisted it was “illegal” to bring it on the bus (his words). He may have just been talking about the company rules, but it was still a daft thing to say.

I’m not sure there’s much to do about it; people don’t really think about why bikes aren’t allowed (bulky, oily gears and chain) on public transport. They just don’t need do think in terms of “why”, it’s always “what” - is that a bike? Then it’s not allowed. So when they see a unicycle, the nearest thing to it is a bike, and bikes aren’t allowed. They don’t consider why. Also, some people are just awkward :wink:

I wonder if they’d allow a folding bike, which would typically take up just as much space (if not more) as a 20" uni and be covered with oil.

I also once got thrown out of a sandwich shop on the grounds that a bicycle was unhygienic. My friend pointed out that the unicycle tyres were probably cleaner than our shoes, since we wear our shoes in public lavatories whereas the unis only get ridden in the street. This didn’t help our case - trying to be “smart” with people doesn’t usually do you any favours :slight_smile: My main objection was that they were so rude about it. Ironically I later found out that they regularly park a bike in the front of the shop overnight.

I havnt had any problem with taking my uni on buses or coches. some drivers say “no bikes aload” but I just ignore them asuming they are trying to be funny and they dont seem to mind. once a driver told me to take it off the seat, that was the closest I have been to being told I cant take it on the bus, It had everyone laughing though because he said “can you take that of the seat please because its bound to have oil or grease on the chain”

My dad has taken a 12ft long prejecter screen on the london underground once, If he can do that I think you should be able to take a uni.

I brought my uni on the minneopolis to Chicago train, and the he train from Chicago to South Bend, IN with now problem. Just like Chicago Unicycle says, walk on like it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

take off both pedals and the seat post it gets realllll small after you do that. depending on what the unicycle size is.