One Wheel Revolution!

My best uni movie yet. check it out and please leave comments. Enjoy!!!Linkadocious.

Hmm, that link takes me directly to my youtube video page! :thinking:

wait really?

ok sorry your right.hahaLINKADOCIOUS

Haha np. Nice video! I like that you’re using a 24" like me…most ppl use trials unis for that stuff. Good job!:smiley:

thanks. yea i want a kh but i dont have the money.

Nice job!

Next time a bit shorter and/or less repetitive lines.

i want to see the 7’ drop that you brkae your rim on. and what rim did you end up getting?

nice vid, but again…shorter or less repetative next time, but besides that it was nice.

next time im there ill show you the drop. and i didnt get a new rim. i got the old one tightened and trued. the b*ke shop guy said it would be fine untill i got better.

Although having your tyre soft makes it feel nicer and more bouncy when you’re jumping, it looks like it’s folding when you land sideways, which is maybe making you slightly less controlled.

Maybe try it a little bit harder?

Yeah dude I really tried to watch this video but I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’m not trying to rag on you, its just if you could, dont put the same stuff in it over and over it would be a little more entertaining.

How long have you been riding? Just out of curiosity

yeah i was just wondering because nothing in your vid was even close to 7 feet :roll_eyes:

No wonder his rim cracked. He’s nearly riding a flat tire.

i know. the thing i jumped off was a bet and it was a set of like the stadium seating…like the metal benches…im forgetting the name. it was about 6 feet. not seven.i was mistaken.

i know. i dont have alot of things i can do around my house. and ive been riding for about 3 1/2 months…:slight_smile:

yea. ill do that. thanks.

Just the other day I went from riding soft tires, to riding them pretty hard, I prefer it, makes my bike feel stiffer, and makes my Unicycling feel more controller.

okay thanks Borgshultze. ill def pump it up. i have a problem with the inner tube. it leaks. its hard to keep it at good presure. ive tried other innertubes but the rim keeps cutting it.(around the nozzle or whatever you want to call it.)

It sounds like maybe you need to put some rim tape on it.

it has rim tape…