one wheel no limit

does anybody own this odd movie because i sure dont. See what happend was my friend wanted to purchse the video because it said that there were some of the worlds best riders in it and that it was in the skill demstration area of so he naturaly thought it would show you how to do some new skills. so then he buys it and we watch it and well it deffinatly wasnt what we thought it would be . I am not tryin to attak the people who made it but comeone guys some actuall tips would have been good and your description should say that its 90% freestyle tricks and skills. He was hopping to learn trials and muni skills but oh well the video is kinda fun especially the 16 foot giraffe.

Re: one wheel no limit

I have also watched “One Wheel, No Limit,” though I expected it to be 90% freestyle, as the description at states most of the skills in the movie. Most of them were freestyle. Though it did show some basic skills, I liked it nonetheless. I especially enjoyed the 16 ft. giraffe and mutiple people on one uni. Anyways, you should have expected what you bought. Here is the link.

I did not buy it so i am ok It doesnt matter he just told me what he saw when buying it so I guess it is his own fault

if this is the movie I’m thinking of, I’ve seen it, and was kinda disappointed. it had very impressive riding, but it was a pretty poorly made movie. with rather crappy music too.

This movie also came out before the words “extreme” and “unicycle” were commonly used together. I’m still glad I own it, because it’s the only freestyle unicycle movie out (even if I’m not dying to go out and buy the soundtrack :smiley: )

Well the basic idea behind 1WNL is not to present a light and sound show but to catalog tricks (skills). So it may be a little dry, but it’s supposed to be. I’ve watched it many many times, and have learned a lot each time. If you want ideas for freestyle, or want to learn a specific trick, chances are good that you can find it there and watch a very good rider perform it.

Andy’s intention never was, I believe, to do a Dan Heaton-esque presentation.

My main complaint was the lack of information on the tricks, I could download each clip seperately from the internet. I think they needed commentary or text and the musi was to be desired. Nice to have lots of skill together though.