One Wheel No Limit DVD

Newly listed on EBay:

I immediately went to to see if they had it on DVD but no
such luck.

Anybody know anything about this DVD edition? I wonder if the seller
simply copied it from VHS to DVD.

A DVD edition would be real useful if it let you jump to a particular
clip. But a DVD edition that was just a copy of the VHS (with everything
all lumped together) would suck.

Somebody has been selling One Wheel No Limit VHS tapes on EBay for quite
a while. For example:

I wonder if those are illegal copies. In fact I wonder if One Wheel No
Limit is even copyrighted. I couldn’t find any copyright notices on my
copy. Unfortunately I haven’t even been able to find my copy for about a
year. Must have lent it to someone.


Mark Newbold
Shelburne, Vermont USA

INAL, but I thought that I remembered something from school which suggested that copyright is assumed on all creative work unless explicitly given away. Now, if the work in question is posted on the internet without copyright notice of any kind, I don’t know if that constitutes putting it in the public domain or not.

Re: One Wheel No Limit DVD

Sounds like quite a mystery

Well, the artist who does “Calvin and Hobbes” failed to copyright his cartoon. All those “Calvin” stickers pissing on Ford, or Chevy, or Broncos, or everything else you see on cars, and t-shirts… plus all the kids with lunchboxes and backpacks and such… Those are just made from opportusists

The artist isn’t getting a single penny. He never planned to give it all away but because he didn’t copywrite, it’s a free for all. Kinda sad.

Unless a work is expressly put in the public domain by the author, it is automatically copyrighted.

I did hear that Alan Plotkin wanted to make a DVD version, with some bonus footage, I have not heard of there being a DVD version released yet.


I noticed that the listing on eBay for the DVD said something like ‘plays in most players’. This is a dead giveaway that it is not a mass produced DVD but instead a one-up computer generated copy.

eBay has a policy against copies of DVDs or CDs so the lister never says copy, but I have seen several items (TV shows, etc.) that I know are not available on DVD yet they are listed on eBay. Someone could of course edit in chapters, etc., but buying it would still be denying the filmmakers any money from the enterprise. No money = no more unicycle films.


Re: Giveaway

As far as I know, Into the Thunder Dragon is the ONLY unicycling DVD available (plus a little on New World Disorder II). Perhaps the copyright owners could release a DVD of the material currently only available on VHS. I would love to see it but I just don’t buy VHS any more so I am denied the pleasure.

I just got Under No Influence, another uni DVD

I had never heard of that vid, so I looked it up:

How good is it? How does one order it? And how much does it cost?

The trailer looks pretty good.


$7.50 (they only charge for DVD, case, and shipping)

its not kris holm but it is extreme unicycling. the kids are good and the movie is well done. well worth $7.50.
to order contact Ben Turley (there is a link on the page)

I emailed him but no response yet, has anyone in the UK got a copy? I guess if he doesn’t charge for it he wouldn’t mind the folk in the UK making copies for distribution over here perhaps??? I will wait & see what he says.