One Wheel - No Fear 2 Video...

Hey all, got bored last night and ran though all me & my mates clips, and decided to cobble something together. Its not totally finished, it needs credits and one of the clips is too small, but the content is there.


So what do you think? FYI No Fear (the prequel) hasn’t been publicly released (yet) but I might post it up eventually.

Critisism of shot angles, stunt difficulty and riding styles, and anything else relevant is more than welcome.


Oh, P.S. Its in Media Player 9+ WMV, so you’ll proabably need media player 10 to play it. And its a 20mb file, so right click & save as might be better.

Not bad. Great riding. The terrain is gorgeous. I would love to ride on that.

Your intro was very effective. Nice work.

I think overall the shots could have used some variation in them. there was a part in the middle where every shot had a profile shot of someone riding from right to left.

Some of the shots were backlight, so the subject was really dark. That would have been a nice shot had they been on top of one of those green hills with the sky behind them, a nice sillouette effect.

If you’re using Windows Movie Maker, it might be hard to fix that smaller clip, but in almost any other program, you can zoom in manually to make it the same size.

Great job though. Well done.

Thanks for the kind comments BoojiBoy, the hills stuff was done in a National Trust Park area about 3 mins from where I live. Its really handy, and great for Muni with the steep slopes, rocks and steps all over.

I use Premier Pro, all of the rest of the clips have been scaled properly apart from that one, so its just an oversight on my part, I’ll fix it tonight and replace the file.

I also know what you mean about many of the shots being very similar, my clip library is fairly small but as the weather gets better I hope to go out specifically looking to shoot some extra footage.

The backlighting shots are because I’m not very good at filming stuff yet, so I tend to stand in the wrong places. I hope to get better at it, and instead of looking for ‘instructional’, fit-it-all-in camera angles i’ll try more action style stuff, including chasing a uniist along a trail.


where one of you rideing the 24in onza if so how do you like it i think i want to get it i am now rideing the 20in model and nice video

Whoda thought to ride down a vert ramp, not jump straight to the bottom :wink: I like the UPD section, you guys dont look like you injure yourself when you fall, When i fall i fall bad. Nice vid.

Edit: You look like u guys prefer muni and are forced to ride urban alot. I prefer urban and am forced to do off roadin.

Hey, i shot a fair chunk of the video and rode in some of it, loosemoose has both onza’s (20" and 24") and i think he’s really happy with them, we did have the axle come loose on the 24, but it has since been fixed and won’t happen on a 2005 model because of the different hub used. Incidently this was probably the worst injury during shooting, we seem to be pretty good at avoiding them with a little help from 661. I think we just like to mix up styles a bit, although obv. because we’re pretty much all riding 24s we lean towards Muni



I was also featured in the film. Well done to Richard for producing it. The dialogue at the beginning was between Richard & Me and was absolutely genuine - I was at the top the ramp featured in the last clip absolutely terrified!


The movie doesn’t work for me… :frowning:

me niether and it sounds gd too. cant you like change the format or sumthing so others can view it?

Its not the format the file dosn’t exist anymore, and I’d like to see it as well. And if it was the format, seriously you guys, learn to download codecs. Do any of you know how long it takes to render a video?

Yeah sorry about the problems, i will get on to loose as soon as he’s back home and get him to fix it, not quite sure what’s happened, it worked fairly intermittetly yesterday, maybe onceekvery three of four tries, but i can’t get it work atall either now.


Yeah, sorry about the technical hitch!

Hi lads, sorry about this. The vid was hosted on my older bro’s fileserver & the use was threatening to push it over the bandwidth limit for the month in about 3 days.

There’s a mirror here: No Fear 2

Also our older video is up too: No Fear 1

Both are MP9 WMVs. If anyone needs specific codec encoding & stuff i’ll set up a render overnight. I know a Alex Smount (one of our group featured in the film) wants it encoded in RM for viewing on his phone, so that’ll appear eventually.

Oh and for a real cheat on a quarter pipe, check out this effort from yesterday:

Eventually all of our raw video clips will be downloadable from, our new website, but while its warm & sunny here in blighty we’ll be out shooting footage instead of working on the site!

Sorry about the mess about.
Loose.Down In One

Well the good effort from yesterday clip got all messed around with… The links at the end of the previous post, or Here.

Ive never seen a vid with so much falling(num 1) u guys couldnt keep your feet on the pedals, but at lesat you guys kept on trying.

Yes the first vid was more comedy than anything else, although it does serve to show the progression we’ve made, i think the second video benefits alot from having more tricks pulled off than UPDs. We’ve already got some good stuff in the can for no. 3 which will probably be appearing in a couple of months once we all get on summer hols and get some good filming done, and Rupert gets a decent camera.


cool video