One Wheel Festival: Chrzelice, Poland

Unicyclists in Poland are organizing an international unicycling festival. We are currently especially interested in finding skilled unicyclists who would be willing to perform and/or teach workshops. If this is something that interests you, please contact me!

Details are posted on the website:
We will continue to update the website as more information becomes available.

One Wheel Festival Chrzelice, Poland 2010
June 25-27, 2010

We would like to welcome all unicyclists, from beginners to experts to the first international “One Wheel Festival” in Chrzelice, Poland. Forty years ago, unicycling became popular in Chrzelice, and since then, Chrzelice maintains its standing as the unicycling capitol of Poland.

Chrzelice has hosted many Polish unicycling conventions, but this is the first time we are organizing a truly international event. Chrzelice is a small town located in southwestern Poland, roughly between the cities of Wrocław and Kraków. Please feel free to contacts us with any questions you may have about the convention, traveling to Poland, or anything else that interests you.

If you are interested in performing, or teaching any workshops, please contact us so we can make arrangements.

Important events:

Trials competition

Agility competitions, including: relay races, races, slalom, speed trial, unicycle-wrestling, and others

All participants will receive convention items, such as t-shirts. More valuable prizes will be awarded to contest winners.

A ride will be organized through the Opawskie Mountains, including the highest peak, Biskupia Kopa, 889 meters (2900 feet) above sea level. For those interested, a downhill riding contest will follow.

Throughout the convention, beginner-level classes will be offered to anyone interested in learning to ride.

Performances will take place in various unicycling disciplines (freestyle, trials, etc), as well as viewing of unicycling films. These events are intended to interest unicyclists, and the general public as well.

During the festival, two welcome-parties will be organized: fire night, and fire night.

Basic hostel-type accommodations with some meals will be arranged free of charge. Special buses will be arranged to bring people from Opole (the nearest city) to Chrzelice, and back to Opole on the final day. (More details about traveling from abroad will be provided here.)

For those who prefer higher-class accommodations such as a hotel, we will be happy to assist in making those arrangements.

Registration forms and information will soon be available at

Funding provided by the Ortus Foundation of the Chrzelice Castle.

Registration is now online for this event, at the website here:
One Wheel Festival - Chrzelice Poland

Remember, the entire festival is free of charge!
Register early to be sure you receive space in the hostel. (Free of charge!)
Pre-register, and you’ll get a free t-shirt too.