one wheel addiction

does anyone have the one wheel addiction video converted to quicktime because I have a mac yes a mac and it does play smoothly and I want to see it:(

is this the whole video or just the trailer?

i dont know how to convert the trailer to quicktime.

ill try and see if i can.

as for the video itself, im working day and night to get it all finished to get it out. im not sure anyone would have that in quicktime format.

One Wheel Addiction is now in stock at Syko Productions web store. Alex Toms did a great job putting together his first DVD. I’ll get a review up as soon as I can.

$2 shipping

The DVD is in PAL format, which means that for US and Canada customers, the DVD can only be viewed on your computer, unless you have a very fancy DVD player that can also play PAL. DVD’s in the US and Canada are NTSC format, which is a slightly different resolution. The DVD will not be released in NTSC format.

i’m ordering my copy tommorow

Just ordered my copy (and Spaced Out, which nobody in our group here picked up). Looking forward to it!

Re: one wheel addiction

And? You’re not pinned to quicktime if you have a mac.

plays every format except for most of the wmv’s you get in the gallery. For this you’ll need (sucking) Windows Media Player for the mac



In case anybody in the UK is after this DVD, I’v been onto the guys at, I got an email this morning saying that they’re just waiting for delivery.

I’v just asked them cos I want a copy, but I’m sure they’ll be getting more than one copy in!



OWA is now available at



i just wanted the trailer in quicktime