one wheel addiction: now available in USA and canada

this is mentioned in another thread but now it has a better subject line.

the more info for this dvd will be here:

running time: 27minutes

featured riders: Alex Toms, Luke Hilderbraat, Dan Cowling, Andrew Carter, Dale Newbery, Nic Vevers and also Matt Griffiths

also includes a heap of bonus material including street tutorials and trials tutorials… as well as rider bios and extra footage that just didnt fit into the original video…

all australian bands include:

kiss chasy
something with numbers
fingerprint resistant
behind crimson eyes
and the legitimate businessman’s social club

can be ordered through


all the BEST australian riders
excellent street style sections

produced by Alex Toms

what else do i need to mention?

thanks everyone


Sounds good!

Too bad about the PAL format, the DVD just went on my birthday list so I hope syko is ready to ship soon! :sunglasses:

i sent my order to syko today, i can’t wait to see it

I watched my copy of One Wheel Addiction last night and I was really impressed. It was way better (or heaps better, as they say in Australia) than I expected. The riding was awesome (if anything a bit top heavy on the high consequence stunts) and the editing was pretty slick. I’ll have to watch it again to get gauge how I feel about the music.

Props to Dan for shipping out it so quickly, it got here super fast, even through the border. The really cool thing was the movie worked flawlessly on my DVD player (even better than it did on my computer), it’s an Apex player I’m not sure if they have some special kind of PAL handling but it worked great.

Alex did an excellent job as did all the riders. I hope everyone else enjoys the video as much as I did.

  • James

I just watched my copy and it is better than U2 or spaced out. it is by far my favorite Uni film i have ever seen.

good work guys!


wow thanks guys…

i hope these comments keep coming

hey alex,

I just saw OWA and it was alright.

Kind of a let down, but it had its moments. I feel if you guys would have taken a bit more time with it then it could have been better.

And i know how getting the rights to songs can be a b*tch.

Looking forward to the next one though :slight_smile:

Hope to see some more tech-banger shots in OWA2


DUDE!!! WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING!!! OWA was hands down the best uni film ever!!!

I beleive that unibrow was giving contructive crticism

Does that include Simon Wells? (THE best Australian rider!)

Unforunately Simon’s not in it, some more freestyle would have been nice.

IMHO, comparing a uni video to U2 is like comparing an ice-hockey player to Gretzky… you just don’t do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I would still recomend OWA to everyone. It’s got some neat stuff in it… like the start of I think it’s Nic’s (or Dales?) part where he’s riding backwards, I really liked that.

I’m going to be filming Simon for a movie he’s going to sell in a month or so I believe. It’ll be brilliant.

I like OWA, the riding was really good, and I liked the music.

I didn’t think it was better than Universe 2, I thought it was over edited. Also why weren’t there any shots of you landing the big handrail grinds?

overall a really good movie

From what I have heard from people is this movie is bassicaly an introduction to talent that is getting better and better. so bassicaly the idea of this movie was like an intro to maybe a second one that will be even better than the first one if there will be a second one:D


When will I be able to buy it from somewhere in Europe?

Just because I guess you might like to hear some feedback: I liked it a lot.
I thought your tutorials were very funny, and the actual riding was awesome.

In case you want constructive criticism:

  • Muni wasn’t the best, but I guess also because of terrain
  • I don’t like Jazz but I guess Andrew does
  • I missed the full-rotation-crankflips
  • Sometimes there were black screens that seemed to be unintentional
  • a little bit more freestyle would really have been nice.

But all in all: Very VERY impressive riding, brave riders and I guess a lot of time spent in editing. Congratulations!

If I could guess, I’d say you edited with Adobe Premiere (which I hate).


Except my section which was done with Windows Movie Maker :). Since then I’ve bought Vegas Movie Studio though which is fantastic (and which I used to edit my 8 minute movie (see signature).

I thought some people wouldn’t like the style of music in my section, but music rights got in the way of anything by a better band.


Yeah, you’re right, I’m not the biggest fan of it, but it works well with your riding, and it doesn’t annoy me, so that’s allright.

I think you get a large choice of music if you use free music portals - we have something like this just born in austria - - downloadable mp3-songs from bands who provide their music for free, and I’m sure that every band would be very happy to be on a DVD like this. I’m sure Australia has something similar, or the US.


PS: Movie Maker is worse :slight_smile: