One week in the dolomites

Hi all,
heres my summer holiday video (I often work so I edit in my spare time...) Its my girlfriend and me, and she ride a b*ke or she runs.
The video isnt 100% about riding a uni, but its more focused on the fun and the adventures in general.
Hope you enjoy

Outstanding Video! What an adventure. Those hills, that scenery, you guys sure are having fun! Great riding, running and hiking. Thanks for sharing.

That looked like so much fun!!! epic ride with beautiful views!!

As above :slight_smile:
That looks so much fun. You pair must have had a great week giocologgi
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your comments!

Nic (Giocologgi)


Spectacular scenery…whoohoo!

Nostalgia, reminds me of mid 80’s music…
Never the less, love it though!;):smiley: