One unicycle to muni & trial ?

I had a beginner 20" unicycle and I have a 29" cross (qu-ax).
I now live in a city and I didn’t ride my unicycles for a long time, and I want to ride again. I’d like to learn basics of trial (riding backward, jumps, mounts…) while using the same unicycle to ride in the forest and maybe ride some harder trails (goal is to ride in the mountain). I also want to use the unicycle to ride the city streets, I don’t want to use my 29" to do that as it’s too big and less easy to handle. I’m not comfortable with it in this context.

Can a unicycle handle both these uses?

Would a 24" fit my needs?

Someone proposed me a used KH 24" with two tires (cross & road) and Magura brakes HS33. Any advice?

On t’a reconnu Canapin ! :smiley:

A 24" is probably more suited to what you want to do. A 19" trial is fun but very limited, you can’t quite do any distance on those. A 24" is pretty versatile - though don’t forget that there is no such a thing as a universal uni!

Coin coin!

+1 for the 24". It is not perfect for everything but it is the most compact uni that can reasonably do city ride (with smooth tires and 125mm cranks) and muni rides (with knobby tire and 140+ cranks and off-road tire).

And you can fiddle with some new techniques learning on a parking lot :wink:

I have a Nimbus 2 24" with 165/137 kh moments and a 3" duro. I think it’s ideal for what you’re talking about. The 165’s are good for control on steep stuff & hopping, the 137’s for longer & mellower trails. It’s the uni I ride most (more than either my 19" or 36"). I just need to practice hops & trials techniques more!

if i had to have one uni it may be a kh24. square fork small enough for tricks and jumping and with shorter cranks fine for muni and short urban riding. but limited tire selection. 2 unis id choose a 19 and a 650b.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Someone can sell me a 2010 KH 24" with HS33 Magura brake, two tires (road and cross) and 140 Koxx cranks, all in very good condition, for 350€. Any opinion about this price? Expensive, good, cheap?

At 350€ you aren’t getting ripped off but it isn’t a great deal either.

If you don’t want a Zero saddle and like the tried true and reliable power of Magura rim brakes it is a good deal, especially if you prefer zero-Q (no outwards flare) cranks.

Daphne has a Nimbus 24 muni for sale in the trading post

175€ = Half the price, but no brake, and slightly heavier than a KH.

Joggerdude has the Oracle 24 up for £260 = disc brake and alloy frame.

I saw the first one, it is very interesting, the thing that I don’t like was the weight; the KH 24" with brake and kenda tire is only 5.9 Kg (as at I was told). Having been using a 29" almost 9 Kg for years, I’d really like to have a lightweight :smiley:

I didn’t see the second one which is very interesting too, but the price is almost the same (260£ is 335€) and I prefer the square frame of the KH as I intend to learn basic tricks and I won’t be able to put my foot on the frame with a round one. But still, it is very appealing since it is almost unusued!

The oracle is very nice. I had one.

Why can’t you get a 19 or 20" as well? Learning tricks on a 24 is going to significantly harder than on a 20". That’s what 20" are for. Eventually you’ll want one anyway. Like I said if you have to have two unis, a 20 and 24 doesn’t really make sense. I’d rather have a 20 and at least a 26. Maybe even a 29 depending on the types of trails you are likely to be on.

I’m not 100% sure that a 24" will fit my needs as I never used one and I can’t try one either, but I decided to buy the KH anyway.
If I want to use it in a means of transport, a 20" is not enough. I could also use my 29" for this but I have an issue with it (twisted posture, not 100% sure why yet), plus I’m not comfortable to use it in town, so I don’t use it at this moment.
The 24" goal is allowing me to both learn basic, useful things while letting me use it as an efficient means of transportation.
I’ve thought about a 26"; every size has its pro and con and would be useful one time or another.
At this point I think I have to make decisions instead of thinking about it again for weeks because I feel like there is no perfect answer. I need to try and experiment. If I realize that a 24" is too slow to ride and too big to comfortably learn basic tricks, I’ll sell it back, buy a 20 (or 19)" and train my 29" to give a try, hoping a 29" won’t be too big if I intend to do some “serious” muni.
All of this is puzzling! :slight_smile:

You picked the best comprise IMO. One of the best advantages of having multiple unis is not having to change tires, cranks, etc very time you want to e.g. switch from road to Muni.

My commute was only 2.4 mi. & I liked riding my 20 even though it was kind of slow. Since It doesn’t roll over bumps as well I could practice that skill on smaller & therefore less scary stuff, then when I switched back to my Muni I could roll over bigger stuff than the last time and/or w/ less effort & more consistency.

Sure it’s not a Nimbus Muni? I read that the max tire you can fit on a 24" Nimbus II is 2.6"

I guess you meant compromise! :slight_smile:

Hi again, just a quick question.
Do you think it would be smart to remove the brake as I won’t do “serious muni” for months? I’ll start to learn to jump and stuff, I’ll sure fall a lot and I don’t want to break my brake doing so.

I’m a beginner at riding uni and muni. I bought a new KH26 and I removed the brake until I get better at muni. I only removed it so that it wouldn’t break during a UPD. The stuff I’m riding right now a brake is not needed. As soon as I get confidence in the trails and start doing stuff where I need the brake I’ll put it back on. I did leave the disc on though, just no lever and master cylinder.

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You can remove the brake, that will make the uni lighter.

As far as breaking it, there are a few things you can do:

  • place the lever further so that it’s protected by the saddle handle
  • don’t tighten the lever too much. if it can move on an impact, it will protect it.