One Ugly Frame

The thing I like about tinkering with unicycles is there’s no end to what can be done. A few weeks ago I had a “great” idea for a frame. The attached picture is this frame but I decided it was too ugly to finish.

It’s made from perforated stainless sheet that we use in my shop sometimes to make guards and covers for machinery. Yuck!

Steve Howard

if you ship it here Ill finish it for you :slight_smile:

Au Contraire!

Please, that frame is a beautiful work of art. Unicycling, may I introduce post-modernism; post-modernism, please meet unicycling!


Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

It’s about time someone gave Jesse James some competition. Keep up the good work, and send me a frame to make up for the cigarettes.

Ahh, I remember the benefits of working in a machine shop. I missed many lunches working on similar home projects. One day I’ll return to my machine shop roots.

If this frame is Coker sized, I’d be happy to relieve you of your ugly (but beautiful, like all of your work) scrap metal. I’ll complete the welding and let it collect dust until I can get my hands on a Harper hub.

Zippo Unicycle

That frame reminds me of a Zippo Lighter :slight_smile:
I love the fact that it is possible to make a unicycle out of spare materials. I’d like to see someone try to make a bicycle out of perforated stainless steel.

Was it too ugly to weigh? Even perforated I’ll bet it’s a hefty little rascal.


Are the bearing holders(pipe collars) drilled on the bottom half all the way through. If that frame is as heavy as I think it might be, why drill out those bearing holders? Just curious.

Many of us are no doubt jealous of your talents and your proximity to your own machine shop tools.

Keep up the creativity:D

I’ll take the frame off your hands for you:D .
I think if it were painted, it would look quite nice!


What are you talking about!!! That frame isn’t ugly, it a work of art! All it needs is some blue or green light emanating from the holes.

Dang, I wish I had access to the tools and materials to make that. Not to mention the skill to use the tools.


im wondering what that frame would sound like on a really windy day on the Oregon coast.

I really like the idea of lights inside. That would look so cool at night in the woods. Just complete it and give it a coat of paint. I’m sure there are some skinny neon lights that can be rigged up. It may be heavy but you may be able to frighten some mountian bikers out for a late night ride. Speaking of which I’m doing a 24 hr race next month and it could be put to the test. Just an idea.

Why paint it? The thing looks incredible as is.

That’s awsome! You’re a genious. How long did that splined hub take you to make? Is it a 48 spline?


Sorry about the big picture -

Thanks for all the compliments on this frame but it really is ugly! After reading everyone’s comments I’ve decided to go ahead and finish it one of these days. I won’t keep it though … I’d be embarassed to be seen riding it!

The bearing holders turned out pretty cool. I made them from stainless and aluminum shaft collars - the top half is stainless and the bottom half is aluminum. I bored the bearing fit deeper than the width of a bearing, then turned the bottom half around. The result is an outside retaining lip on the top half and an inside retaining lip on the bottom half. The “lightening” holes in the bearing holders are completely ridiculous. I put them there just to stay with the holey theme and nothing more.

  • Jesse James (of West Coast Choppers)? I’m not (and never will be) in the same league as him!

  • Adam … thanks to you (and Harper to some degree) I now chain smoke unfiltered Camels. You owe ME a frame. Better yet, just send a carton of Camels.

  • Post-modernism? Well … maybe SEATpost-modernism!

  • It’s not Coker sized. It’s 24 x 3.0 sized.

  • I haven’t thought of it looking like a Zippo lighter. Rather, it looks like it was made from an Erector Set (anybody remember those?).

  • It’s too ugly to weigh 2.45 pounds.

  • See above regarding the holes in the bearing holders.

  • Painted or unpainted? Still ugly!

  • Lights from inside? Cool but ugly!

  • The pictured axle is being used to keep the bearings in line while welding. They’re 48 spline just like Profiles. I’ve been working on 4 of them for months.

  • Maybe the wind whistling through the holes would keep deer from running out in front of you … just like the whistle things some people put on their cars.

Steve Howard


oh but of course,the inventer A.C.Gilbert was born a century+ ago about a mile from my that house is a discovery village for kids.

Send me the frame. In return, I will send you a carton of unfiltered Camels.

I’ll send a tracking number with the Camels if you do the same.