one trick for the sponsor

After one year, decided to make a special gift for our super sponsor BIT but we need YOUR help!
We are planning a “one trick for the sponsor” video and therefore need many riders to produce a short video with only one trick. You can send something out of old material. We prefer videos that haven’t been published yet.
All tricks will be cut one after another and each riders name and country will be displayed on the relative trick.
So grab your camera, film THE trick and send it to

When do you need it by?

can you do a short unispin combo…like land on the tyre then spin down and land… i consider that one trick cuz you dont touch the pedals inbetween. i think i can hit a 450.

I set a first time line to the end of Jannuary to see what we have then. I know it’s winter time and not so easy to film some nice stuff outside.
Every thing will be great, a single trick, a combination, a trial or street line and also nice bails could be used (sometimes they are looking better than a trick :smiley: )
And thanks for the first tricks I still got.

I should be able to do the bails part:D, if i had a camcorder:D

I’ll filmsomething!

sweet. what exactly does this sponsorship give you if you win? regardless ill definitley send you a clip by sunday man.

Well the sponsor hosts After asking olaf 2 days ago, there is an amount of 50-70gb of videos that do a lot of traffic. It’s a mess to pay for that service offering.

Anyways BIT is one of the first-class provider for webhosting services in the netherlands, so that is a great sponsoring…

Well, as gossi wrote, we still have the Sponsor from the first day of UTV. So there is nothing to win with that video, it will be only a present to the Sponser from the Unicycling community :slight_smile:

Thanks to all those who still send us a video !

can you put it somewhere else i dont understand the thingy

so let me know your questions and I will try to answer them.

BUMP so more people will participate. :slight_smile:

get mike clarks bail on defect where he runs down the rail and slips and then nuts himself before getting hit with his uni. if uve seen it, u know it. thats the best bail ive seen

I think the whole point is to get new material, otherwise they would just send them a copy of “Defect”.

Olarf, do you know when this vid is gonna be out? Is it ready or are you still accepting clips?


and…where do we post our videos ?

Thank you !

sorry :o

Any word on what is happening, haven’t heard anything from Olarf about it for months.


Is a grind ok to?


what a coincidence, I just made a 5 minute video of some bails thursday. Im going to go film some more today… maybe I’ll get a good bail or a nice trick filmed today OR both!