One tired leg! Why?

I find myself feeling like I am overworking my strong leg when I ride any distance. I especially feel it right above the knee just to the inside if you were looking right at me. I was trying to diagnose what I am doing wrong and the only thing I can figure is that my body seems slightly twisted to the right when I ride with my left arm leading. I tried to straighten up but it seems like I am fighting twisting more when I am straight in the saddle. When i am slightly twisted right the ride is straight and smooth. I would love any help anyone could offer on a solution. Thanks!


Although I haven’t been riding for very long I can associate with this. I am aware of the shoulder twist to one side as I practice for longer distances on my 36er. I think it is too much weight on the legs. Just cruising along with my body weight on the seat I sit up straight and have both shoulders face front. However, when I try speeding up my dominant left hand holds the handle and my right shoulder twists backwards. At present the faster I try to go the more I twist. For me going faster tends to make me put more weight on the legs to push the pedals and causes the top half to respond by twisting to maintain some sort of balance. At the same time one leg gets to do more than the other and I feel this in the ankle - I dont think its significant where it is in the leg. Experienced riders seem to have a better developed sense of balance so I guess it comes with practice.

Are you riding on a road with camber? Probably. This may be a factor but is not necessarily the source. Try riding on the opposite camber for some distance and see if you face the other way…

Sometimes more pressure in your tyre can help keep you straight as well. Is your seat high enough?


Yeah, those cambers are ANNOYING!

Yeah. So practice. :slight_smile:

Camber doesn’t seem to affect it. I am trying to feel like I am pulling up on the pedals as the come back around to lighten the stroke but it still seems like my knees are taking the brunt of it. Might just need more acclimation. It is just weird that it is my strong side that is most affected. It seems like it must be due to some overcompensation. We’ll see.

Check to make sure the pedal and crank are at a 90 degree angle. If you have alu cranks they can bend easily in a UPD and wreak havoc with your knee.

I think I have it figured out. From the time I first learned (not long ago) I kind of leaned forward making the seatpost slightly lean back (probably as a counter-balance thing). I tried sitting up straighter tonight which made the seatpost straight up and down (according to Unouni) and now it feels so much easier and smoother. It kind of feels more like I may be pitched off the front easier but the legs seem to move much more effortlessly. It almost feels more like I am standing up and just moving my legs up and down now. Does this sound correct? Does this sound like it may have been the culprit?

If you’re a new rider, just plain lack of technique is probably the culprit. Sitting up straight for normal riding is always a good thing. Bending forward will put more pressure on your lower back, unless you’re using a handle system of some kind to support that weight.

Our dominant sides tend to do more work, not just when learning new skills but possibly afterward as well. If I go on a very long road ride, my right knee always seems to get sore first. That’s my dominant side, but I don’t know if it’s because of that, or because of road camber, which makes the right leg do slightly more work. I’m going to blame the camber, because I’ve been riding many years and hopefully am not lopsided in my energy output… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thaks John. Riding today I concentrated on sitting up straight and “pulling up” on the pedals and everything seems much smoother now. Kinda feels like flying :slight_smile: