"One Tired Guy"

At MUC club mtg last night, I saw for the first time, Kris Holm’s movie “One Tired Guy”

I literally sat slack-jawed the entire time.

All of it was so amazing, but if I had to pick the MOST AMAZING thing I saw it would be:

Kris rode some 10-12 feet atop a ROUND PIPE HANDRAIL. Diameter of perhaps 3 inches. Simply not possible.

I also noticed he rode many times with seat out front but with only one hand. I’ve tried seat out front, and seen others trying. It requires quite some strength. Kris doesn’t seem to be straining when he does this.

Can one develop a riding technique where less arm strength is required? Am I seeing this right?

Amazed, Tom.

As the world famous Jerry Gruss once said, “just because Kris Holm can do it doesn’t mean it’s possible.”

Re: “One Tired Guy”

First, check out the video from the KH Trials Workshop, in which your friendly neighborhood Unicycle God wears half his birthday suit; that boy is cut, no office worker physique, there. All my female co-workes wanted to know where he lived (and a couple of the other flavor).

Pressure on the sadle is reduced as your ability to controll foot pressure increases. A phat tyre like that on your new MUni is WAY easyer to seat-out-front than your skinny cycle. I find it alot easyer to ride SoF with one hand free to ‘do the wave’, too.


yes,seat out front gets quite easy.so easy that i have been going down stairs SoF.ive made it down 11 stairs so far.it feels like an Utimate wheel with a handle.

Yes the more you ride SIF the less pressure you put on your hand. It also helps to broaden your SIF skills to include idling each foot, turns, backwards, and figure 8s. The more you do this, the more intelligent your feet get and the less your arm has to do. I bring a set of little orange cones to my practice place and use them as an SIF slalom course which is very helpful. I have yet to keep the seat out away from my body for any length of time, though.


if you watch the Universe video you will see Adam Ryznar ride an even skinner hand rail :smiley:


Re: “One Tired Guy”

Sounds like you haven’t read your new issue of On One Wheel yet. Or are you not a USA member? Why on Earth? The Kris-designed Trials course included a 3" pipe, uphill, for about 20’. More than one person did it.

Seat in front requires leg strength, but not hand/arm strength. Notice its relative score value in the Standard Skill part of the IUF Rulebook:

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Ahhh, damit, John: I’v been reading that list for 30 minutes now, psyched to try some of the described skills… and it’s dark and wet outside. Could you refrain from posting interesting stuff until it’s convenient for me to act on impulse?

Humm… have to lamanate that page, keep it in the truck…