One Tired Guy or UNiVERsE?

Hey guys,

I saw the movie One Tired Guy a while ago, and now I want to get a uni movie. Which one is better? Even if they are both about the same goodnesses, I know most of you will say that I should get UnIVERsE because I’ve already seen One Tired Guy. But I really liked it, and now my friends want to see it.
So which one should I get?

P.S. Did I get the weird capitalization thing right in spelling UNiVERsE? LOL

You should get UNiVERsE because you have already seen One Tired Guy. Apparently One Tired Guy is mostly Kris Holm and his adventures, at least on UNiVERsE there are a few riders, so you can see different peoples styles. You also need to see UNiVERsE before the second installment comes out, that way you will know what it is they were improving on. UNiVERsE is not the highest quality production you will ever see, but it makes up for it by having heaps of action. Of those two, I will buy One Tired Guy next since I haven’t seen it yet, and I already have UNiVERsE.

P.S. You got the weird capitalisation thing right the second time.

Toldja you’d say that. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I guess different people and different styles would be cooler to see.
BTW, is this just trials, or trials and MUni?

get universe. trials and muni.

however, dan heaton is my hero. what can i say, my recommendation may be biased. :smiley:

Will UNiVERsE 2 come with UNiVERsE as bonus material?

There are all sorts of styles in UNiVERsE, trials, muni, street, freestyle, crazystyle etc. Just get the damn thing, watch, and enjoy it. I found the part with Dan Heaton in the skate park to be the most impressive, because it was before I saw some Japanese freestyle performances from past Unicons (on video). As far as I know, from what others have posted here in RSU, the original UNiVERsE footage will not be included in the DVD of UNiVERsE II. Don’t be stingey, it’s well worth your dollars to fork out for the VHS version of UNiVERsE. Hopefully there might be a percentage from every copy sold that goes towards producing the second edition.

I am not saying One Tired Guy is not cool, or not as cool as UNiVERsE, because I have not yet seen more than a few short scenes from it. I imagine it is a very good video. I am recommending UNiVERsE because I have seen it, and because the unanimous verdicts from the reviews I have read are all good.