One small step, for some, perhaps.

I did it! I rode my giraffe. It’s a 5" tall Torker.

I have had it for abour 6 months now and haven’t had enough people around to help me up/call the ambulance. At Club tonight we were fortunate to have more than half a dozen riders, so I seized the opportunity. I was able to mount, with assistance, and ride around confidently and dismount to the rear in a controlled way!

It felt as if I was at the top of the world. I bet I had a silly big grin on my face. :smiley:

I was very happy to have such a good showing at club. ObieOne came again, Bear was riding, and a reporter from the local paper took careful notes, interviewing each rider and took a TON of pictures. Who knows when/if the story will go to press.


Your first ride on a giraffe feels so amazing, like your just floating effortlessly along. They are great fun to ride, and a great attention grabber.

My first time riding a giraffe was in a friends front yard. Lots of bumps kept me from getting too far, but on my 3 or 4th try I got past the bumps and kept going, it felt so great! Then, when my friend tried it, he got up, then spun around and hugged a giant bush so he wouldn’t fall, good times.

Keep up the great riding and progression.

Thas awsome Blake! I bet Bear was really proud!:smiley:

Thanks Jerrick and Trials uni.

I’m afraid that Bear’s a bit jaded. He’s not so easily impressed with mom any more. :roll_eyes: He sets the bar pretty high.

Maybe you should lay him on the side walk and do the “body trials” thing that Yoggi does in the Koxx One videos…That’ll either scare the daylights out of him or make himvery proud of his mommy.

I guess your gonna have to learn to do unispins on the giraffe now…

Last summer I learned how to do regular spins on my 20" freestyle.

Over the winter I kind of lost the spins skill. So I was working on them today. To my elation, I actually did a couple nice ones: 3-4 revolutions and did them successfully to the left (my more confident turning direction) and one to the right. Bear responded in a bored tone, “Come on, Mom. You can do better.”

Aaargh. Then he proceded to the picnic table with his unicycle and expected to be able to do the trials routine that ObieOne one had been doing! He can tell Kevin is pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue: Bear wasn’t happy when I said no.

As a compromise, I promised him I would make him a mini trials set up with a ramp and something he can ride along and hop onto/off of. I’ll post pics when it is done.

Maybe Bear could be the next Ryan Atkins or Zack Baldwin! But not for a few more months i guess:D

In a few months…:stuck_out_tongue:

He’s a kid that really needs to find and follow his bliss (I think that’s a Robert Bly or a Joeseph Campbell usage of the term bliss). If that’s unicycling it’d be great. He’s a complex little guy and I am certain to be full of suprises with him!

I think I’ll be a better rider for having him around, for sure!