ONe of my pedals keeps unscrewing, what should i do??

so what should i do? i am worried that i rode it too long when the pedal unscrewed the first time, and i am worried that the threads may have been damaged in the crank, what should i do?

first, make sure that you have the LEFT pedel in the LEFT crank.
Then, make sure that you have the seat so the LEFT crank actually on the left.
if it still gets loose, you may have damaged the threads. Epoxy can work wonders.

yeah this post pretty much answers all of it!!

just check pedals are on right side, and saddles around the right way

yeah , cheers, my uni was put together wrong, i fixed it though, but i might g3et some lock tite too

This by the way is another thing that anyone buying from a bike shop should check. I’ve seen more than one bike-shop generic uni that was assembled with either the wheel or the seat on backwards.

And continuing with the thread title discussion, I guess it’s fair to say that your uni was unscrewed.

Don’t mind me, just passing thru.

…and that now the right cranck is at the right side.

lucky, this happened to me, my friend mike, and donnie, and we all ended up having the threads wapred, me and mike gots ares fixed with a few days, but donnie hasnt gotten his fixed in months lol, i should buy his torker then fix it for 15 dollars =p

Don’t bother with using loctite on your pedals, just pedalling should keep them tight. (unless you ride backwards most of the time).

My hubby took my new uni to the LBS to have the cranks changed. He had strict instructions to tell the person who did it that there is a left and a right. It was a good job too cos your man thought that there was no difference.


yeh maan i had that on my uni and my threads were wasted,i took new parts off your run of the mill bike. just cranks and peddals

sledge may be requied