One of my better photographs

This is Scot Cooper riding through Big Sur for the California Coast Classic (SF to LA) last week.

very mystical

Very nice shot Mike. Congratulations on the ride! How about a thread with some info about it? It was an quite an accomplishment and I think everyone would like to hear about it.


Great composition !

OT … that wheel looks huge, compared to the rider.
How big is the wheel ?

I will! Sometime over the next couple days, I’ll sit down and do a write up. It was really quite the experience!

Thanks! It’s a coker. (36inches) Actually it’s a Dave Stockton wheel with a Hunter frame.

Hey Mike,

Good to meet you along the ride. Do you have the picture of the four of us with our cokers? Would you mind sending that to me to post on our website?


Good to meet you too! Email me at mscalisi AT and I’ll reply with the picture.

That’s a beautiful photo!

Sweet photo, wish I was there. Congrats to all on an epic adventure!

wow… that looks like heaven for me…:slight_smile: wow…

great photo

I agree, it looks very cool.

That’s a sweet photo. Makes me want to get out on the Coker again~!


Is that a picture of how unicyclists depart this world? Doesn’t look half bad!


Wow, sweet photo, mscali.