One more new vid from the old guy!

Just foolin’ around at the beach today, and put this one together pretty quickly.(It shows!:stuck_out_tongue: ) Again, certainly nothing eye-popping, and I inadvertantly “cut off” my head in the first clip, as I did the “static” tripod deal again. (Thought I’d framed it ok, but not quite)

There is also one pretty good UPD, and some “still-stand sif” at the end. That one looks a little longer than it actually is, due to the slo-mo, but I still held on pretty long (for me) in real-time! I kinda like this 3rd vid of mine the best so far. I would love to get tips and advice as to what I should try to learn next. Thanks!

I’m downloading it now, but my internet is going slow, so its gonna take longer to watch, but if its anything like your first 2 vids im gonna enjoy watching it =p keep up the good riding

Yeah, sorry about the file being so big,(about 20mb) but when I try saving it to a lower res, the quality sucks. Hope it doesn’t take forever to DL! A friend ofmine has a cable modem that DL’s a file like this in a matter of seconds! Wish I had that!

Hey nice video. I think i like this the best out of the 3 you posted.

Here are some tricks you can try:

-Riding seat in front: I’m not sure if you can do this already or not (since you can already hop sif).
-Riding seat in back: Once you can ride seat in front, do the same thing only pull the seat out behind you. It’s easier then it sounds
-180 hoptwists: Hop in the air and twist 180. start off small with a 90 or so and eventually work your way up to a full 180
-1 foot riding with your other foot
-Wheel walk: might take a while to learn but its worth it
-Backwards riding or idling: (if you cant already)
-1 foot idling
-hopping freehanded: while hopping with the seat in, move your feet to the cranks and then squeeze the seat between your legs and hop
-Crank stall/grab: jumping from the ground and stalling on the crank and then hopping from that position on to the top of the obstacle.

I wish i had that too =p and your video was worth the little wait, plus it gave me time to make some popcorn lol.

I loked this movie a lot better than the first too, it seems like you really improved already, and the appluad, was that for you? if not im just gonna say they were lol, the one footed was good but can you do it with either foot? be good to be diverse with your tricks =p not much advice i can give you cause it looks like your doing great and improving well, maybe start adding some 180 or 360s when you jump off your ledges, and wheel walking would be fun to learn =p

EDIT: skate4flip got to it before me lol, and on the one wheel idle, for me i found it easier to do that then it is to a regular idle =p

I can do 1-3, and 5. I will try the others tomorrow. Thanks!:smiley:

I was working on WW today, but it’s really tricky for me, but I’m motivated andwon’t give up 'till I get it going! I will start doing at least 90’s off ledge drops; I guess I’m not 100% believing that I can even land 'em regular enough to try twist-landings, but I’m gonna go for it!

Awesome =p Ive been working on wheel walking too, ended up getting a cut on my ankle though, funny how it happened cause i was going, uni shot out in front of me, left leg got caught on the wheel, right one fell onto the pedal, and the pedal kept moving up and then forward, and time to stick in my motto, GO FOR IT!!! =p


Cut 3.jpg

Ouch! I force myself to get geared up with t2’s, and the whole 661 deal. I just hate that it takes so long to put all that stuff on, but at my age I don’t repair that quick, so i gotta do it, although I think it gives me a false sense of security because you can still get hurt even with all that on.

I just watched the first 30 seconds or so and it looks great! The first shot with the rail, I thought you were going to grind it! Your one-footed riding is very smooooth.


I wish I could hop that high, or even half that just to get ON a rail to grind it! I’m trying to find something to set up and practice on at home that’s like only around average “curb height” to learn on. Any ideas? Maybe like an aluminum pole or something that I can set up along the ground that’s higher on one end to help me keep sliding along so I won’t “grind” to a halt!:smiley:

Those two seem do-able, but I haven’t seen anybody do the first one (hopping freehanded). I’ve seen people jump ropeon a uni, but I never noticed that they moved their feet from the pedals tothe cranks. I’l have to try that one…Ican see how it would pay to have good ankle protection for that trick!:smiley:

you donr need to move your feet to the cranks it just makes it easier!

cool vid…your best yet. when you do your drops from pedal grabs you should turn your wheel and try to roll out cuz if you dont you run the risk of tacoing the rim…it was a good vid though keep up the good work.

Whoa! I didn’t know that would/could happen with the alex DBL walled rim! Whoops! Yes, I will try to roll out of the drops more. I weigh about 145 so hopefully it can withstand that weight pretty well. Thanks!:smiley:

Get video, I really like watching you videos. Everything just looks really fun in you video. what kind of uni do you have?

It’s a Summit, 2004 I think. Maybe 2003, not sure. It used to be that standard orange color, but I painted it, and I added a lift handle to the viscount seat. It’s got the alex rim and the splined stuff and a Luna Tire. I really love this uni!

Sweet vid man looks like your about the same level as me. I started WW about 2 weeks ago when i started i couldnt even imagine doing it now i can get about 10 controlled steps on the wheel before i have to dismount. Gonna start trying to get back to pedals this week :thinking:
I wish i had a camera so i could post my progress trying to find out if i can use my video phone.

terry your uni would have to be a summit 2003 cuz those are the only ones. and if your only 145lbs then it really shouldnt be a problem with the tacoing but the rollout will make it look batter anyways…everything looks better when it flows

Right you are. I was at the beach, yet AGAIN today! I will post the video that shows new stuff I just learned today, including (what I thought was not possible yet) my FIRST wheel walk!!! :smiley: