one month from now

With the coming summer for those of us in the upper hemisphere nearly upon us, I thought I’d pose the question on everyone’s mind…
What skill(s) or trick(s) are you working on that you would like to master in one month?

For me, it’s one foot wheel walking and generally higher hops.


gliding and seat out hops


I am commited, probably not in a month though, to having a solid idle/juggle combination. Let’s say by the end of the summer. I am also working on holding a cane in a chin balance while idling.

My ultimate goal is to be able to idle and do both at the same time. Let’s say one to two years. :slight_smile: :astonished:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Get my level (unofficial) 4, cuz I’m stuck on right foot idle. Also wheel walk a bit. Doesn’t have to be much just enough to see some actual movement. And finally if I get a chance, because I may not be able to find the right place, a grind. But also just general improvement.


Turning smooth and not jerky.

One month from now

I have been practicing idling and riding backwards. The other day I got 3 pedals in going backwards. Idling I’m working on both feet with similar results. I keep falling to the side.