One Minute Video

This probably isn’t worth posting seeing as I don’t land it here, but whatev. I have a clip of me landing it, just not in my posession. Anyways, I hit a soft spot on my knee and it hurt like a bee-awtch, and I was up late hitting the egg nog pretty hard, so I decided to edit it up. Lol.

Liked it alot Jonny, even though is way short… Keep is simple,



Short and sweet. To bad you didn’t land it.:frowning:
Good luck on landing it BTW.

I landed it before, actually. You should come ride with the kids in fort walton beach man.

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

That would have been gnarly if you got it.

I saw you on Made for Flatland BMX, by the way. Cool stuff.

Dude I feel like everyone I know has seen that, and it makes me so jealous, because it’s my commercial, and I never have. I guess I need to watch MTV more. Haha.