One Love: Innovative Street Uni (Brandon Sams)

My new video. I appreciate any and all feedback from all you guys.

Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

If anybody knows the “official” names of the tricks at 0:20, 0:33, and 1:32, please leave a comment saying what it is.

:34 was the sickest thing I’ve ever seen :open_mouth: I think you’re the first to do it, so you’re entitled to name it :smiley:

That was so awesome! The partially no handed 360 backside was insane! And the seatpost grind was crazy! Nice 720 too!

frame grind and sick no handed backside 3 spin trick thing haha

lol I’m in love with you <3

Now that was some Dank sauce riding bro!

maybe 0:33 could be called a shove-it or a new category of ‘hand less’ flip tricks… that really was innovative! nice job!

siiiick! thats so good man. awesome to be coming up with new tricks like that… loved it, cant wait for more.

Wtf, that was dope!

:22 is called swinging around a stop sign, :33 is called no handed fulloutbacksidespin, and 1:32 is called grinding on your frame.

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m just messing with you, those are all pretty original tricks.

Sick riding dude! :smiley: Really creative stuff, loved the fulloutbackside trick! Dont think it should be called no handed since you putted your hands on before landing, but still really sick!! :smiley:
I’m in love with you too ! <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Julia! :slight_smile: Idk what to name it, so I’m open to suggestions.

Glad to hear you like the riding! the 720 may not have been the most original or terrifying trick, but it definitely was the hardest trick to learn.

Thanks guys! You are seriously some of my greatest inspirations, so it means a lot that you like the video. :D:D:D

I agree. There is certainly A LOT of room for improvement in partially or completely no handed tricks.

There shall be more! I’m always coming up with ideas for new ways to push my riding and the sport itself.

Thanks you so much! :smiley: I agree with what you said about it not being completely no handed. I originally wanted it to be completely no handed, and I actually found my self landing on the pedals quite often. But the seat is very difficult to control and would alway end up hitting the ground. Just needs a bit more practice i suppose… :wink:

It’d be so sick if you get it completly no handed!!! :smiley:

Lol if you land that completely with no hands, I’ll do a quadflip in my underwear.

It would be one of the coolest looking tricks ever. (yours, not mine :P)

Holy crap! WHAT? I loved the frame grind, no handed 1spin + backsidespin and 7spin. This definitely makes me wanna look at non-unicycling videos and see if there’re any tricks that we need to land. This video’s perfection itself.

Hey dude!

Man, I loved the swing around the sign. The frame grind is interesting… I like the idea and I like that you technically managed to do it, but I don’t really like it. I love the idea, love that your trying things in that area, but I don’t think that style does the trick justice. But its simply awesome that you went there at all.

I like your style. Keep making vids!

Thanks, Matt. :slight_smile: I would hesitate to call this video perfection. There were other tricks I was planning on filming, but they didn’t quite happen. I suppose they will have to be saved for the next video.

The sign spin is a load of fun! It feels kinda like carving in a bowl on a skateboard, if you have ever done that.

Sorry to hear you didn’t like the frame grind, but I do see what you mean. The trick definitely has its limitations. But im not sure I’m ready to put it to rest quite yet.

I’ve watched this a couple times now, and the frame grind is in fast motion right? If possible, can you upload the unedited clip? Awesome video again, the sign thing looked so fun!

Was it? xD. Its just downhill isn’t it?

You’re kinda right. the part from when I stop to when I am getting onto the rail is in 2x speed. But the rest is in normal speed. And Chris is right. it is slightly downhill. You still want the unedited clip?

I hope my comment before didn’t discourage you at all by the way dude. I love this shizz