one logo to rule them all

My friend Will Jones made this for us

crap it didnt work lemme try again.

thats really cool!

The awesomeness has killed me.


That is really frickin cool!

might be a little uncomfortable to ride though.

I’m still admiring it.

I would like to announce my affiliation with the Hell on Wheel Unicycle Gang. That means that Charlotte, NC is HOW turf now…

Zod, I believe you live in Statesville, do you have an affiliation yet?

Awesome Logo. I want a T-Shirt!


I would also like to add that HOW now has the support of the league of the cardboard tube samurai(s) as per my avatar


Can Satellite Beach Florida be part of Hell on Wheel too? I mean after all, I will probably be riding with Frank in Charlottesville in a week and a half!

That is cool. Reminds me of the logo we made for my basic training platoon. The “Fighting Death Maniacs” :sunglasses: I still have a t-shirt with the logo hanging on my parents basement wall.

Cool logo. Hats off to the designer.

Recently, (within the Richmond section of the gang) there has been talk about making the position of honorary Hell On Wheel members. I’m not sure what the verdict was, but I shall find out.

Trip and Frank- IM/PM/email me about your thoughts


I’m actually in Stanley (Gaston County) NC and also am not affiliated, but being a true anti-federal Southerner at heart I am saving myself for the mUni Militia :smiley:
Militia’s rule!

Are they making promise rings now?

edit: sorry that was probably in poor taste.

clever logo man that is amazing! scary but amazing!

I WISH!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, who’s going to be the first one to get that beast tattooed on theur back?

Anyone know of a place where I could make a huge sticker/decal of the logo? I want to put it on the hood of my car. I dunno about tattoos, but we are definately making t-shirts of them and Sam(Ender) has a button with the picture on it.



oh thats sweet when you do all that make sure to post a new thread letting us know, becuse its hard to find a unicycle t-shirt thats cool enough to wear to school. same with the stickers, its hard to find cool unicycling stickers theese days

just make sure that its a red or black tee because it wouldent look good on any thing else

anybody know a good place to get good quality shirts made for cheap? we want to make a bunch and sell them at school, but people probably wont pay too much

Find a local screen printing business…that way you are helping local business and can have some hands-on decisions and input.