One Leg - One Wheel

On Sunday Sept 13, 2009 the Terry Fox run will again occur in Fredericton New Brunswick (And in other areas across Canada).

For the past 2 years I have participated in the event riding the 10km route on my unicycle.

I extend an early invitation to my fellow unicyclist to join me in this event.

We unicyclist in the eastern part of Canada seldom have cause or motivation to band together and show unity for our sport. I invite you to join me in Fredericton New Brunswick on Sun Sept 13 to support the Terry Fox cancer run. I also extend this invitations to all unicyclist wishing to attend.

Please PM me or respond to this post if you have inquiries to this event.

It is my hope this will generate interest in our sport in atlantic Canada and band us together to meet for a common cause.

First year I rode 5kms on my 20" unicycle.
Second year I rode 10kms on my 29" unicycle.
If you wish instead of raising money, just give a $10.00 donation at start of run.
Fredericton has beautiful dedicated cycling trails that surround the city

I rode the Terry Fox 8K in Lennoxville Quebec 3 different years, non stop on my 24" muni. I live in Arkansas now, but I’ll be finding somewhere to do it down here.