one Korean video clip


How could you not jump around with music like that playing. :slight_smile:

Nice video.

Nice action. A jumping race on stairs? Was one of you using a Qu-Ax uni or atleast Qu-Ax hub? I was just wondering about that nice yellow color of the hub and saddle bumpers.

What city are you from?


Oh, Already online at, thanks baeg.
And thanks for the music goodman.

Yes, Joona you are right. My friend JB using Qu-Ax muni and I’m using KH muni. One of our shop started import Qu-Ax Muni about
2 months ago.

Eublapharis13. We are in Korea. This site is Bundang near Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

More pics and video clips are online at

Yeah i knew you were in Korea and I know where Seoul is, as I have some friends who live there.