One Hell of a Day

I didn’t relise this was on the web this is the film that me and my friend made to enter into Kendal Mountain Film Festival (it didn’t get in)
It is being re entered into Keswick Mountain Film Festival so we will see what happens


That’s a beautiful movie!

I enjoyed the movie. THank you for posting it. THe scenery was awesome. rem

Beautiful scenery, what a dream like place to ride, you are very fortunate! Wow! I’d love to have some nice XC routes like that around here. Wonderful film, kudos!

Nice film, thanks for sharing.

Cool, nice video. How many km was that ride?

Cheers for the comments

I only did about 5km of downhill for the film

Wow !!! Awesome movie, enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing.

Such amazing scenery, and the ride looked like such fun. Made me kinda jealous :smiley:

Any chance of a downloadable version ? Would love to add that to the Uni video collection as something to watch over and over again.

i think you can down load it from my friends vimeo site easiest to find by google aqueous films and you should find the site