One hand holding seat

I am relatively new to unicycling. For some reason I do all of my riding with both hands free for balance. Obviously this limits me when it comes to technical stuff and getting better. Pretty much the only riding I have done is on trails. Whenever I come to an obstacle, I basically stand up and put all of my weight on my pedals. I want to learn to ride with one hand on my seat so that I can un-weight my unicycle when getting past obstacles. I can do it, but it just doesn’t feel comfortable.

Do you pretty much always have a hand on your seat when you are riding? What is the best way to get comfortable doing that? I guess I will just try to start riding that way all of the time to make it feel more natural. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

you should ride with both hands off the handle for balance and when you need to jump or are getting ready have your hand on the handle. also you want your hand on the handle when you are doing drops or stair cases

You just need more practice. Eventually you won’t even need your arms to ride forward and do a slight turn. By that time you will definitely be able to hold onto the handle.

When I was learning backwards riding, I had the opposite problem. I had to have 1 hand on the handle or else I just couldn’t ride backwards. But now I can. Just practice, you’ll definitely get it once your riding is more solid.


My first year or so of riding Muni was done hands-free. I didn’t always need to use both arms to balance, but I just found it comfortable. After riding more and more technical, steep terrain, I found I really needed to pull up on the handle to make it down drops and steep hills.

You’ll get accustomed to using the handle out of sheer necessity, if nothing else. It’ll give you the ability to put more pressure on the pedals (great for going up or down hills) and keep the seat underneath you (over bumps and drops).

In the meantime, practice. As an intermediate goal, try riding with your arms folded in front of you, or holding your hands behind your back.

I think some people have better balance than others and therefore need to wave the arms around more than others. But from my experience, the best way to learn riding with one hand on your seat handle (or crossed or behind your back) is to practice. First on the flat and then on the not so flat.


Generally when I MUni, I’m more worried about being off the pedals than on. When I’m riding, I usually grab the handle and pull up, to stick me to the unicycle.

That said, what everyone else said is quite right - it’s all practice, and I’m sure you’ll find that the more you ride, the more you realize just how much of this sport is practice.