ONE freaking INCH!

For the past almost 4 months I’ve been trying to unciycle.
I learned how to freemount before I learned how to ride, and on average I could only ride about 5 feet before I bailed. (Oh, and one day quite by accident I learned I could freemount and start hopping but that’s a different story)

Everyone who was trying to figure out why I wasn’t riding yet kept telling me the seat was an inch or two too short for my height. But it was already at it’s safe maximum.

Finally my unicycling partner in crime Phil convinced himself I won’t break the unicycle by going higher than the reccomended seat-post-height and gave me an extra inch.

IMMEDIATELY I started riding 3x further than before. Gotdamnit. One inch. Go figure eh?

P.S. Everyone should buy a(nother) copy of Spaced Out. Just because it’s that cool.

im not really that suprised that when you raised it it help you

When your seat is too low, your legs are cramped and are constantly more tense, therefore riding is harder…it throws or your ballance, and yes, on inch is alot!

davis should raise his seat more

The same happened to me, I used to ride with my seat for trials very low, beccause I would only seat in hop. I raised my seat, and evreything was put into a new light. Often times the rising or lowering can use different muscles, so I bet that is what made it easier, leg extension.

I learnt on a uni that was way too small for me… after I got a new one, I found that having the seat too low made it more wobbly… My theory is that the higher the seat is, the more it acts like a ships keel or something, it keeps the wheel straighter…

i mean i still am a very uncontrolled rider & stuff like that.
(i always keep turning right.) but seriously. i’m kicking myself for the fact if it was raised higher 3 months ago i could probably do more now!

grumbles :slight_smile:

of course once i figure this out i have to drop the seat again so i can learn trials stuff!

lilfunky1 said: (i always keep turning right.)

Hey. I keep turning left. It takes all my concentration to go straight or bare right (I usually crash if I need to make a real right turn). Anyone know why we’re going in opposite directions?

it might be your seat is crooked

All I can tell you regarding the uni wanting to turn right or left, is that it has happened to a lot of us. We eventually out grow it as we become better riders.

Do check that the seat is straight and that the tire isn’t too soft or that you are riding on a surface that leans to one side or the other.

There have been mores suggestions posted before, but more time riding seems to be the best way to overcome this.

Good luck.

re: me not going in a straight line

i’ve brought my theory down to two possibilities.

  1. i mount with my left foot, and i don’t know. maybe that somehow causes me to go right.

and more noteably…
2. i can only balance myself if i had support on the RIGHT side. i’m figuring this is causing me to go in wide right turns because i’ve grown accustomed to leaning to the right

i seriously can’t balance when i try to hold myself up with support (wall etc) on the left.

my question is, how do i fix this? otherwise i’ll just unicycle in circles forever!

The reason why your turning right is because your putting to much weight on your right foot…try and push down with each foot with the same pressure, and you shouldn’t turn right as much…keep more weight on youre left foot, and with the wall thing, you left foot is not used to riding as much as you right and therefore is more unsteady. Just ride more, and mount with your ride foot and left, and hang to stuff if you need to with your left side jsut as much as your right, IF That makes sense lol…but yah davic should get a new unicycle

Re: ONE freaking INCH!

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 20:24:53 -0500, “gohfish” wrote:

>Anyone know why we’re going in opposite directions?

It may not be the answer in your case but road crown can have a
significant influence. Road crown is if the riding surface slopes
perpendicular to the riding direction. Unlike you might think, the
unicycle’s tendency is to turn into the UP direction.

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Re: ONE freaking INCH!

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 15:55:18 -0500, “lilfunky1” wrote:

>the seat was an inch or two too short for my height.

Congrats on the breakthrough. But I really think you need to buy a new
seatpost and see what yet another inch would do for you.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“The more you think, the less you have to do. - Leo Vandewoestijne”

Re: Re: ONE freaking INCH!

well we tried that actually. my friend went as high as he possibly could on the seat post, and when i tried to mount it and ride my foot came right off the pedal when i tried to pedal away. that’s when we lowered it enough so i’m extended but not hyper-extended.

now i just need to practice i think!

i can’t wait for the next toronto club class when we’re in the gym! see if i can go all the way down or something like that!

I used to have the tendency to want to turn a certain way, I just practiced at turning the way I wasn’t good at, and as 1on1 said, I eventually grew out of it.