"One for the road"

I made a few recent tweaks to my UCC (Uni-Cable-Cam) to improve the smoothness, and now I can control the speed as well!

There’s some traditional footage mixed in, plus a couple new “friends” I met, after the creds.

Hope you enjoy!

:slight_smile: Watching in full screen & HD highly recommended! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure rattle snakes don’t make good friends Terry. Liked the video BTW.

Thanks. Well, once I de-fanged him he was easy to handle! But seriously, some snakes make cool pets…the non-venomous kind of course, like Kings, milks and some boas.

I’ll bet at least a few here on the uni forums have-or have had snakes as pets. It’s a tad uncommon, but cool…like Unicycling! :wink:

Btw, anyone here tried, or think crank flips/rolls are doable on a 36er?

Man, great video once again Terry! I was awesome to see that you found another snake. (At least you didn’t pester this one) :roll_eyes: Maybe they’re attracted to unicycles.

Ha ha lol I guess if you can jump high enough… I really don’t know. But hey, are they doable on a 24" MUni? I’ve been wanting to try but I’m a little scared too…

Thanks much! Yeah I’ve lost count of all the snakes I’ve encountered on all the different trails, but their always fun to see. :smiley:

chill video. liked the cable cam footage where the cam goes almost through the high grass. awesome trails.

Thanks Johann. Yeah I love setting up the ucc to fly between trees, through weeds, etc, and also looks cool when it comes so close to stuff that it looks like it’s going to hit it! :slight_smile:

Very cool Terry!

I especially like the snake! I love snakes and have had several as pets. Right now I have a 3 year old corn snake named ruby.


Cool video, music goes real good with the smooth cable cam. Have you done any experimenting with getting it to go around a corner yet? Not a 90 degree of course, but it seems like there must be a way. What is your longest run with the cable cam? That video is from your little point n shoot?

Thanks. Yeah it’s my newest digital point & shoot sony w-290 that also shoots video in 1280x720p widescreen hd, and it’s awesome! Plus no deinterlacing needed! And each frame is sharp and clear enough that you would think it was taken as a still shot in 5mb res!

The longest cable run I’ve done was yesterday, and measured 213 feet! In a couple of runs the ucc rig was zipping along at nearly 16mph! I could barely stay in frame, but managed. I also don’t mind the fact that the ucc travels in a straight line; But I don’t have to, haha! :slight_smile: