One Footing

Hey, just was wondering lately if it made a difference if you hold the seat and pedal one footed or without hands. I have been practicing with my Dad and I put my hand on the handle of the seat to ride and he does it without. Just wondering which way is better or if there is a difference.:smiley:

I think whether you’re holding the handle or not is the same difference when you’re 1-footing to when you’re 2-footing, which is a trade off between using that hand for balance or for distributing weight, whatever feels right for you is better. I think I learned by holding the seat but I’m not too sure.

Funny you should say that, D3. I’ve just recently learned 1-footed, and realised it’s just as easy/easier no hands (no hands on a unicycle…?) Anywho yeah…today I learned to idle one footed. Next is one footed down stairs…gulp


Uni-D3 sounds like David :slight_smile:

Proper freestyle form dictates that your arms should be extended, fingers togother, palms facing down.

However, unless you plan to compete at a NAUCC or UNICON, you should do whatever feels comfortable.


i was just practicing one footing and didn’t have much luck should i try to put my foot on the frame? i have a rounded crown

I believe it is much easier if you put your foot on the frame it helps stabilize the balence I can do a no foot without foot on frame but with it on the frame I can go very far also it is easier if you practice on a slight slope so you can keep a constant speed when the one foot comes off hope that helps

i think that once you can do a few revolutions, hands out and foot on frame make it easy. getting that initial feel for the balance though, just do whatever’s comfortable.

If I don’t rest my foot on the frame, I hold the seat to keep myself attached to my unicycle.

When I rest my foot on the frame, I hold the seat if the terrain is a little bumpy (gravel roads, little curbs, etc).

Most of the time I switch between the two based on how much I do or don’t want to look like I’m grabbing my crotch, just like normal riding.

If you’re 1-footing while riding off-road, then holding the handle is a good idea. :wink:

I’m just going to make myself really popular…

‘Proper freestyle’ is for clowns, do whatever you want to, personally I prefer holding my hand on my saddle, you lean forwards a bit easier, it’s not much different without any hands on your uni, but I think it’s more fun with hands anyway.


Correction: Freestyle is free, and you can do whatever you want. This is something we’re still trying to remind many Freestyle competitors today, which is that they should think about what to do with their arms while doing other stuff with their legs. The event you were thinking of is Standard Skill, where it’s all about the tricks and no creativity.

For beginning one-footers, I can see where holding the seat may make you feel a little more solid. But once you get the technique, you’ll see it doesn’t matter if you hold on or not, unless you’re one-footing on rough terrain or something, like stairs. :astonished:

Putting your foot on the fork makes a very big difference in one-footing however. It gives you a much more solid attachment to the unicycle, with lots more control. If you have a unicrown fork and no good foot purchase, you can use a simple automotive hose clamp. put it on with the screw on top, and your foot can hook right on there.

on the subject of the post above this one puting your foot on the crown only helps if your off road because it holds it in place i put my foot out in front and use it to balance when i onefoot on road

lol well Im the one that was doing the stairs alogn with gliding them(2 of my fav tricks) Well if your on flat ground dont hold the seat it is easier to move your weight around or to catch your balance…When your off roading one footed or doing something stupid like stairs then hold on for dear life, just as if oyu were riding with both feet…And for round crowns Vs squared; Squared is ALOT better I learned on a flat crown and I hung my foot out back, you get way better balance when you can rest it on the frame(Squared).

Edit: Ohh and I noticed Beau Was doing the offroading one footed as well, It was pretty funny to look up while riding one footed on a part of the trail and see Beau in front of me oding hte exact same thing…He also holds the seat while off roading one footed…

Sorry that I haven’t answered,I’ve been busy with school. Now I can 1 foot with both. I trie to always put my foot on the frame and i did 32 cranks yesterday!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

When I said both I meant with hand and without. And I was practicing at the Lake and got 109 cranks! I was so Happy!:smiley: