One-Footing Tutorial

i found it REALLY EASY to learn down a driveway, it took something like 5 minuites.
i think that any slight downhill will make the learning much easier.
i used the car to keep my side to side balance and let the uni roll, applying back pressure the whole time, then letting go of the car.

and I learned w/ the foot on the side, rounded crown learner uni :wink: :wink:

For a rounded frame, just stick on some adhesive griptape, like that used on trailer sailors .

On my 24" I just hold my foot in a rest it on the frame;)


i am writing up a small tutorial:
begin by taking off foot for one revolution–it will feel short, but you will know. just raise your foot above the pedal and wait for it to come around.
next work one two or three revolutions with your leg bent back 90 degrees.
after you can do that and continue to ride normally by placing your foot back on the pedal, put your foot on the frame. it doesnt matter what type of frame you have–it’s possible. i often rest my foot on the quick release clamp, because i have a round frame and large feet.
riding with your foot on the frame is much easier, as you can stabilize yourself and you are more balanced on top of the unicycle.
ride faster and you will begin to ride smoother, but try to ride slowly as well after you lose momentum.
after you can ride as long as you like, try turning. you can learn quickly and will soon be doing figure eights.

for idling one-footed, just idle normally using only one foot for pressure, then move the top foot up to the frame. you can learn to idle one footed at the same time, before, or after you learn to ride one footed. i learnt after and it only took me a few tries. i found that it helps to let your foot on the frame touch the wheel, this way you can idle slower and more controlled. hope this helps!

Yeah that’s important. Make sure your foot is close by the cranks so if you lose your balance you can quickly adjust and start again. What helped me is to count how many times the pedal goes all the way around and try to get a higher number each time. But yeah great tutorial.

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