One footed riding

I was just outside seeing how many mounts i could do and i remember hearing something about a one footed idle mount where you start one foot idling and then ride off well i tried it and could do it almost immediately…anyways after that i was trying to go from one foot idling to one foot riding…is this a good way to learn to ride one footed? or should i just try going fast and then pull my other foot up and pedal? any help would be appreciated.

I think most people would agree that it’s easiest to go from normal riding to 1 foot riding. You don’t have to go that fast, just make sure your weight is on the seat and not too much on the pedal(s). Going from 1 foot idling to 1 foot riding in my opinion is much harder. You just need to do nice long idles and one the last one, do a big push and take the pressure off the pedal. It’s really fun when you get it. Good luck!


Ya i already got it…i went from absolutely no one foot skills. to one footed idling to 15 rotations one footed in under an hour

your a natural,now try the other foot

I think it is better to learn from one footed idling, bc that way it will force your idling skills to be better than average.

yea i wish i did before my dominate foot got alot better.

One foot

I definitely agree with Andrew, it is easier to learn to one-foot from riding rather than from standing still. It is gaining the momentum to get over the dead spot that makes the idle start more difficult. One way to learn one footed idle freemounts is to snap your axle with your dominant foot. For ages I rode around with my left foot after snapping an axle, and the annoyance of assisted mounts made me learn the rollback mount straight into one footed riding. Attempting a steep hill I managed to snap the other side of the axle. Has anyone else had a double broken axle before? It’s really annoying if you don’t know how to wheel walk.

Ya but i found once i got down the idling one footed, i learned to get over the hump to get momentum and then it’s easy as pie after that…then i tried to go from riding to one footed and it took me like 20 minutes to get it because it’s hard to p0ull your foot up while you’re riding, whereas when you start out idling you already have your foot in place.