One-footed riding and Shows

I’ve just made a discovery — I can one foot idle my uni whilst the spare
foot is not on the uni. I had tried one footing in a straight line with one
foot out in front with no success last night. Now I just tried to idle in the
office (I’m very good at that (groan)) and found I had most sucess with my
spare leg bent at the knee and the foot raised up above the spare pedal. The
secret seems to be putting lots of weight on the seat and gripping it with the
tops of the legs.

Does anyone have any advice for one-footing in a straight line with spare foot
in the air?

I have adapted my DM with a little foot stand where the frame was too angled and
slippery for me to put my foot just where it was comfortable. I may now remove
this soon. I want to learn how to one-foot a giraffe.

On a different topic; I and some friends am putting on a show in Hull city
centre on saturday 12th February. We’ve been hired to open a new travel agency.

The last one, in Beverley (little historic town north of Hull), was my first
true show. It was fun but I felt that I was letting myself down by not having
any material prepared. We’d do a 10 min show at various points through the
day, interspersed with balloon animal-making and teaching plate spinning to
kids. All in all it was great fun, but I felt that the shows lacked that
professional edge.

We’d string together various skills with my friend Ron the clown talking through
it. My best trick was to juggle 3 balls on a giraffe. In one little show I lost
control, dismounted rather non-controlledly and almost flattened a girl. Highly
embarrassing! If we were busking I doubt that we’d have made much money!

Has anyone got any words of wisdom in starting out performing, especially on
a unicycle?

One thing I thought that we could try is to plant a stooge in the audience, drag
him out and coerce him into doing a trick - say juggling fire or riding the uni

  • pretending all the time that he is a complete novice. On the uni you can ride
    as if completely out of control, which might be quite spectacular.

My doctor has just advised me to give up all forms of juggling using the hands
for 6 months or so until my (juggling-induced) tynosynovitis (How do you spell
this?) is gone. I going to try to stick to this (I’ve been trying to lay off
juggling for the past YEAR) apart from a short 3 ball cascade on the giraffe in
the show. Therefore other skills need to be much more in evidence.

Take it easy,