One footed practice 10-29-2011

Some video footage from my practice session Saturday. Thanks to Chad Vader’s parody video Friday for the chuckle at 4:03. The video ends with a bunch of seat drops starting at 4:21.

Cool! I hope to learn that too oneday…

Last time I tried riding one-footed, it was while riding normal pace and I only manage to do half rotation :frowning:
Do you find it easy to start the one-footed from idling? any secret tips? :slight_smile:

I taught myself one footed riding this way:

  1. Ride slowly and pull your weak foot off the pedal. Get to the point of being able to ride one or two revolutions then move on to #2.
  2. Ride slowly and on a hard down pedal of your strong foot lift the weak foot and place it on the crown. Pedal with your strong foot down hard and let the pedal come around naturally.

This took a ton or repetition. I learned with my right foot first and then practiced my left. I can do figure eights with my right pretty well and less well with my left. I’m working on a new technique that may be better. I can already ride one footed backwards with my right (20+ revolutions) but I’m working on my left and better control with my right. My goal is to be able to ride an arbitrary number of revolutions and be able to stop and idle at any time. The technique may be modified just for forwards one footed riding:

  1. Can you idle and super idle with two feet using mostly balance and not leg strength? If not, work on this while putting more force in your strong foot. If you can already do this, work on one footed idling.
  2. Once you can idle with one foot work on keeping a straight back (and frame) and extreme idling. That is, go past the usual pedal position for idling.
  3. If you can extreme idle pretty well, give a hard push to go forward and try to go all the way around. Still try to keep a straight back (and frame) with your body in a locked position and catch yourself to go back into idling after one revolution. You may want to put on a helmet and pads since it’s possible to have some nasty falls. Keep practicing this until you can go one revolution with ease. Then work on going two and going back into idling (then three, etc.). Congratulations, you’re riding one footed (with control!).

For backwards it’s the same basic idea. You want one strong pedal backwards to go all the way around and catch yourself to go back into idling. Then two revolutions, three, etc.

If you try this let me know how it works out. I’m trying to help a buddy learn one footed riding.

Yes I can! two/one feet - left/right…

I’ve tried that from time to time, but always felt a bit intimidating :o

O.K. in my next practice session (equipped with my shin-guards), I’ll try harder :slight_smile:

waaalrus, thank you for the tips, I’ll post any progress (although I don’t know long it will take…).
Good luck with your goals, post more videos…

You’re welcome! Good luck! It look me several weeks of steady practice to learn one footed riding (forwards) but I’m a slow learner. Thanks for the well wishes!