One footed or backwards?

Which should I learn first, one footed or backwards? Ive been wanting to try backwards, but haven’t had the time. So when i get the time, which should i do?


either one i guess

Backwards is more important.

Backwards is more useful…but one footed I think is definitely easier to learn. heck, why not just start learning both of 'em?
If I were you, I’d start actually learning one footed, but maybe play around a little with backwards riding too… Then once you can ride one footed, start actually working on backwards, and you’ll already be able to do it a little bit.

Do what I did.

do both!

I worked on both at the same time. I tend to learn better when I’m not burnt out on trying to learn one thing all at once. Eventually one will come to you faster, and you can work on that until you decide to learn something else. Just go for what you think you can do, and you’ll be fine.


Take time and they will both come

I have known how to ride onefooted for some time now, so I disided to learn backwards. I am not to good at it, but it is much more usfull, espeshaly in trials or urban street riding.

Just do Backwards one-foot.

Damn, somebody beat me to it

one footed took me about 4 hours of actual practice. like a 1/2 hour every other day for a while. or about that. now i’m really solid, i can turn a bit and go basically infinitely on a flat surface. oh, i’m also learning on a 24 muni with a gazz. with a freestyle i’m sure i could do a little better.

I think backwards is alot easier, if you can already idle then it should only take a few hours to get the hang of, particularly if you can idle with either foot. I still can’t ride one footed, although i am on a 24" Muni which might make some difference.

Don’t learn either. Spend all your time making new threads asking what you should do, instead of actually going out and unicycling. Talking about unicycling has always been way cooler than actually unicycling.

To be honest, none of us actually unicycle. We just spend all of our time talking about it and posting videos and images that we Photoshopped together from old family photos. None of the videos or images are real. It’s all just one big Photoshopping competition.

Sorry to burst the bubble. Honestly.

Just grab a rolling recycle bin. Hold it and ride backwards. Took me 30-60 minutes to learn backwards this way. Backwards is a ton more usefull.

Ive spent a good hour trying to figure out backwards. Ive gotten like avverage half a revolution. Sometimes full. Haven’t had any dramatic falls yet, I might be too scared and thats why. Im gonna try this recycling thingy.


I ended up getting a 24" LX yesterday. And after watching a ton of videos and just hearing that, it seems everyone i using 20" wheels. Am I going to be at a disadvantage when I start doing freestyle on a 24"?

A 20" wheel is supposed to be better for freestyle, but a 24" works very well for most tricks, provided you are not too short. I’ve heard that one-footed riding is actually easier on a 24" wheel, because the wheel has more momentum, and so carries your foot over the top more easily. In any case, don’t let your 24" wheel discourage you from learning freestyle tricks. I have learned everything on level 10 (although I’m still very inconsistent for the most part) on my 24" unicycle.

theyre both really easy. backwards i still cant do perfect but i can go like 400 ft or so consistently. and one footers i learned in like an hour.

After about a half hour of dragging aorund a garbage can, i can go about 10 feet backwards on my own consistently pushing off from something. Once i can go backwards consistently, im going to try and go fowards then backwards. Likes 10 pedal idling. Then Ill slowly cut that down. Too bad it rained all day today, i might be better tomorrow wen my feet arne’t slipping off the pedals.


oo yah, and just for the heck of it, i grabbed onto a wall, stood up on the pedals (the seat is lowered) put the saddle on my stomach, and pedaled. At the time, ifelt very suicidal, like i was going to do a head first plunge into the concrete. Turns out a didn’t, so i tried it again. this time i tripped over the pedals when i fell, but nothing bad. Something fun to try.