one footed crankflip?

i was just thinking over dinner if it would be possible to do a crankflip with one foot still on the pedal. and possibly if it would be easier than the normal crankflip. i was also wondering what you would call a crankflip with both feet on the pedals. basically so your just moving your tire one rotation foward or backward whilst in the air. i have seen some people do this and to the untrained eye it looks pretty similar to a crankflip.

it’s called a rev i think

like a double crankflip with feet on the pedals is called a double rev.

i can move my pedal half a revolution in the air, but doing a full one is hard.

i can do about 3/4 of a single rev. i can get over half but one is just too much at the moment

It would be a one footed rev. I can do backwards ones.

i have landed crankflips one-footed but i think it would be pretty hard to do the whole thing, especially the jump and kick at the start. i will try some time.


if you can do revs really well does that help you at all with crankflips, because i can do double revs and also crankflips to an extent, the only trouble im having is kicking the pedals fast enough to get the cranks completely around.

naw, hes talking about one footed pedal spins/revs

i have almost done it just messing around, but its extremely hard to land
i don’t know if its possible keeping your foot on the whole time

Revs, Double Revs, Onefooted Revs. The idea is more like a failed crankflip though. Just take your feet off the pedals.

-Shaun Johanneson


wait is it a rev if its one footed or is it a rev with 2 feet on the pedals?

anyone tried doing JUMP - REV - CRANKFLIP - LAND?

I have tried…and failed horrifically. I have to learn lateflips first, and then faster revs;)

hmmmm…ive never (unfortunately) landed a crankflip, but im not sure if a one footed crankflip would be possible, as it would be difficult to jump.

A lot of the times when people do backflips one of their feet doesn’t actually come off the pedal, Brian Lundgren seems to have that problem and I do too when I am lazy.

its called an E.T. when you pedal in the air…i do them one footed all the time…but thats because i crankflip and sometimes my backfoot dosent come off…shauns my whitness… hahahahah