One footed before backwards or idle

My longest idle has been 7 rocks and I can only co backward 4 revs but I went 7 revs one footed today. Today was the first time I’ve really worked on it. It feels really nice!

It’s strange what you learn first. I can ride backwards and idle and even idle one-footed but I haven’t even managed a single rev riding one footed. I just can’t seem to figure it out. Learning new tricks is so fun, and so, so, so frustrating.


I was riding pretty good at one footed and backward before I was able to idle at all. Idling wore me out fast, thus hard to learn. I just couldn’t relax and take weight off my control foot. I actually find it less taxing to idle one foot.

Can you go backwards? Try going backward one or two pedals, then forward the same amount, then back again. For some this might be harder, for others easier.

Another related skill is riding forward, pedaling half a revolution back and then pedaling forward again.

Still another related skill is a simple mount described in The Complete Book of Unicycling where you push down on the pedal and rotate the wheel back under you. You place the second foot on the pedal after the pedal has rotated 180 degrees back. Key to this mount is to push down with the foot on the pedal and then relax this leg to allow the unicycle to continue to move backward under you. This mount also teaches you a lot about learning to backmount.

For one footed, I spend a lot of time trying to learn to get my foot on the frame while riding. That took a lot of time to learn, but this is a skill all by itself. You probably should learn one foot at speed, as it is much easier than, for instance trying to start from one foot idling.