one footed BC Wheeling

Is it possible to ride a BC Wheel one footed? My friend and I are having an argument on this, and I think it’s possible, but he doesn’t. are there any videos out there of someone doing it? Jeff? Ryan?


possible for a few seconds probably. mabey if the person was weightless. Any pressure down on one pedal will make the wheel lean that way, right into the leg, making for a painful dismount.

i have done it for about 5 sec., it wasnt on porpuse but i had to do it for ballance.

5 sec? I dont believe it. 5 seconds is a pretty long time when BC wheeling.

I’m thinking it would be possible if you’re turning, like in a really tight circle, so the wheel is leaning over a lot. That would put more weight on the footless side, methinks…

its true, it may have been more like 2-3 sec., i didnt land it either, it was a depsret help for ballance.

I think it would be possible… watch how jeff starts out on the BC wheel…

Jeff Groves does it while getting up speed before jumping an obsticle in a Toque video I watched. He has one foot on it and pushes with the other foot like a skateboarder, then puts the other foot on. I don’t know how he does it.


Josue Barreto from Puerto Rico has a BC wheel that he can ride one footed. It has an extension that clamps to the leg below the knee for support so the wheel doesn’t flop over when ridden one footed. I don’t have a picture of Josue’s wheel, but it’s similar in design to the device pictured in this thread except it’s sparkly and more BC wheelish.

thats the way i allways start my bc, i cant rolling mount.:frowning:

The video link in that thread was apparently dead and wouldn’t work for me. The device shown in the still photo is the “Pedespeed,” or something inspired by it, and is something that I’ve been interested in for quite some time. There is a charming Victorian-era picture of it here:

The photo shows the wheels mounted on the insides of the legs. The art image has the wheels outside, which I think would work better, as it would keep the wheels from colliding with each other. Someone needs to build a modern version of this, right now.

Mr. Mustachio there is gonna need more than a boss hat and Michael Jackson moves to get in with those ladies, who’ve got a nice pairs routine of their own going on, thank you very much.

I’m sure the date in the caption is a typo and should be 1875, not 1975.

I think I posted something a while back asking whether a two-sided version of Josue’s BC would be workable. It would have a leg-brace on each side, so you could switch feet while riding it. I drew a picture…


two unicycles i.e. pedespeed


hahaha great :smiley:

It would probably be possible by tilting the wheel sideways. A brace would be necessary to not have your weight against the side of the tire though. Everything has a theoretical balance point so you could lean your body to counteract the weight one side of the tire.

Doesnt Jeff do it in Defect? he does it for a bit im sure. I cant bc and Im sure its really hard but its possible.

Yeah but its really easy to do what Jeff did, he just took his foot off for a moment. It would be really hard to ride it fully one footed.

That’s a very nice design. Not sure if it’s ridable though but looks like fun either way. :smiley:

Very cool except for the ski pole thingys. :smiley: