one foot

i can ride 100 feet + on my uni

i just needed to tell some one by


i know ist amazing isnt it kan you do it any one well mast of u probably can but to u that kant lern :smiley: its fun:p

Cool, huh 100 feet or one? :thinking:

Woah, that was really hard to read.


i know it may be suprizing but ya i can :sunglasses:

i cant spell im really stupid that way

Yeah that was more work to read than it was worth and i still dont understand it.

CHOICE A you can ride your one wheeled bike called a unicycle for 100 feet
CHOICE B you accomplished the task of one-footing 100 feet?

Good job learning to ride 100 ft. Now, put all that energy you used learning to ride 100 ft and invest in a good course on English grammar.

Little kids can spell and talk just fine, but when they sit in front of a comp, they get lazy and spll lik this cus they thinx its betr nd fastr.

If you took time to type and spell properly, which isn’t hard at all, you will be spelling correctly and typing fast too.

If you can learn to ride one-footed for 100 feet, then you can easily learn to use better english.

Great job on the riding. Now try it with the other foot! :smiley:

wow, why is everyone on here so mean towards people who don’t spell well? i mean sure you can say it might be a good idea to use a spell check. but it doesn’t mean you should feel the right to just pick on him. what are we children? Seriously, some people have trouble spelling. So what? i am sure all of you have trouble with one thing or another that people find easy.
I don’t think gilby started this site so people could be mean to each other.

p.s congrads on learning how to ride 100 ft, keep at it !

I don’t think anyone meant to be mean with the comments on spelling and grammar. It is just a little joking around. I, myself am not the best speller. I found it a little hilarious to read the above posts and at the same time a bit difficult to understand.

Uni Man 22, I am still not quite sure I understood your accomplishment. Did you simply learn to ride 100ft or did you learn to ride 100ft one footed? Either way it is a good accomplishment!

I also was a lousy speller, but the more I used spell check the better I got. I still do stupid stuff like spell “the” “th” and miss it while proof reading it.


Its not being mean, he just put multiple ideas in one sentence spelled very wrong with no punctuation and nobody can understand what he is trying to say.

spencer can 540 unispin. i can 270, and im learning 270’s down. forrest can eat pizza really fast.