one foot

i want to learn to one foot uni but ive never seen anyone do it so i dont know where to start!

any suggestions would really help and i would really appreteate it!

dont know if this is anyhelp


today i started riding one foot. download videos . hell on wheel has some. ride normal. then on the foot that you arent going to use to pedal release some pressure. your foot you pedal with will be pushing normal while the other one slowly releases pressure until you take it off all the way. it took me about 45 minutes to do 15 revolutons. then i think i broke my hand.

make sure u keep your speed up. if you aren’t going fast enough you wont be able to make that crucial first revolution of the tire/tyre/whatever. once you can do one revolution, the others will come pretty naturally.

Here’s a very useful site for beginners. Tutorials for one footed, wheelwalking, hopping, and lotsa other stuff.

right when i started unicycling i found that site. i could barely ride, and those girls being able to ride made me so mad, because they were slow learners and they are still good. and being a fast learner i wanted to be better than them. now looking at the site, why do they have those uni’s. they say they do tricks…but why dont they have a kh20 or a summit…?

Because they don’t do trials unicycling, they do artistic, freestyle stuff.

because Freestyle is better than Trials,



Boooyah! Freestyle rocks.

Thanks so much for the link to Tammy and Tanya’s web page. Looks like a great site for people learning new skills, nice friendly and encouraging descriptions. :slight_smile:

>…but why dont they have a kh20 or a summit…?

I often wonder why trials unicyclists bother with the unicycle at all, since (with a many notable exceptions, appologies in advance) they often seem to treat the uni like a glorified pogo stick. But I am NOT trying to offend anyone on this forum. I wll say though that a knobby tire and metal pedals are not going to help you one-foot, spin or glide and I have yet to be convinced that I need them to ride on trails, at least equiptment isn’t what holds me back yet.

I love my torker, it is still almost the cheapest unicycle on the market, but I have unicyle envy for no one. Which is good for me!



im guessing that you havent done REAL trials if you think your torker is invincible. they are too weak to hanle drops and crank grabs. freestyle isnt as impressive to watch. people watching you want to see big jumps and drops like in extreme sports. they arent as interested seeing an ice skating performance

Which is why Dan did some freestyle in Universe 1 and included a freestyle segment in Universe 2.

but the normal onlooker doesnt watch universe 1 and 2. they just watch you ride

I think that freestyle is actually more fun to watch. But I find that Trials is much more fun to do.
Freestyle seems so impossible, it seems to defy the laws of physics with all their hopspins, pirouettes, etc. It’s just amazing.
To me, anyway.

It depends what freestyle and trials people are doing. People that are awesome at freestyle make it look so good and people love to watch it. The problem about freestyle is it isn’t as dangerous and for some reason being humans we can eventually lose interest in it, but where as someone doing something dangerous in trials like a 6 foot drop (not always dangerous to us, but they think it is) seems to hold their attention time after time.

You’ve just got to try not to be repititive in freestlye, whereas it’s a bit easier if you’re doing trials, just do it in a different place :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: one foot

I did some one footing today and got a photograph. The photo isn’t very good but I will attach it anyway. I did a bit of one footing on the giraffe too. With a bit of practise anyone can do it!

one foot.jpg

I find it quite amusing that you agree with that statement after having broken your hand the previous day while trying to ride one footed.

i could have done that riding trials muni or freestyle. it was just a fluke that i was just getting stable at it and there was a reflector in the road