one foot

i did it :smiley:

a little while back, i deciced that if im ridin one wheel, i might as well ride one footed as well…

well, 5 minuits ago, i had a record of 5 strides one footed… 2 minuits later i had a record of 10, doubling it :D:D:D:D:D:D

i was just wondering if i should get a better uni for this, because the one i have is a 20", long crank, uni, with a rounded 'split’in the uni (where the stem brakes open to make space for the wheel) instead of a squared one.

do u think the rounded one is better for one footed, or the squared, because with my rounded one i cant put my foot on it, but on a squared one, i think i can…

id be thankful for any help :wink:

Go with the square crown…it will make almost all freestyle tricks easier.

A flat crown is better for one foot skills. When you start doing more freestyle skills you’re going to want a flat crown.

With a round crown you can put a hose clamp on the crown to give your foot something to sit on and to keep your foot from sliding off the crown. Check out these two threads:
Hose clamp thread 1
Hose clamp thread 2

Cover the hose clamp with heavy tape to protect your leg. The hose clamps can have sharp edges that can do some damage to your leg. Cover all the sharp edges with heavy thick tape.

It took me maybe 3 days to be able to ride consistently. Part of what helped me over the hill was being able to put my foot on the crown. Somehow this enabled me to keep going and correct any imbalances.

I learned on a Torker LX 20". Thew 2004’s which have a flat crown. I recently bought a Summit 20" and was able to easily ride one footed. No adjustment period at all.

P.S. Learn with the other foot. :slight_smile: doesnt take as long. I think this is because your body already knows how to balance one footed, its just your foot on the pedal that needs to learn what to do. :wink:

I also just learned this skill about a week ago. I just need to learn with the left foot because its getting jealous of the right. Its alot easier with my summit to because of the flat crown instead of my 24" sun.

Re: one foot

Round or square crowns do not make a huge difference when learning to do one foot riding. The main foot to concentrate on is the one you pedal with. You can learn to ride one footed with your foot extended, or you can put your foot on the crown. With a round crown, this is fine, it will probably only slip off when your shoes are wet, when it rains. Square crowns are definitely better in preventing your feet slipping off, and would probably be better for gliding (I can’t glide). Congratulations on doing ten pedals of one footing, your next big breakthrough will probably be 100m of one foot. It gets heaps easier once you get the feel of cruising along without the other foot. I can go about 1km or more one footed, but my leg gets tired after a while.

i did it again

i just did 13 :D:D:D:D:D

ta 4 the info

i did it again

the other day i did 36
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Re: Re: one foot

I would disagree from my experience. I could go about 7 rotations and then i tried putting my foot on the crown and this is what got me over the hump. I don’t know why but it did. Perhaps because i couldn’t put my foot back on the pedal quickl

I learned to ride one footed with my free leg extended, as my unicycle had a round crown. It took a long time, but I got there.

More recently I put hose clamps on my uni so I could easily put my foot on the frame. Riding one footed is suddenly a lot easier, but now I can’t go back to leg extended!

I actually find it a lot easier to put your upper shin on the crown instead of your foot (with your knee extended foward). It helps me keep my balance, except falling becomes a little more clumsy. Good luck improving!:slight_smile:

ta for that bit
ill try to improve somemore

p.s. thats a good idea with the hoseclamp thing. i think ill try it.

I learned 1ft idling before riding (still working on the riding, sometimes I go 25’ other times 250’).

I had no problem with the round crown for idling; I just grabbed a “fence” and figured out where to put my foot. Once I figured out where to brace my foot, the 1ft idling (and 1ft mounts to 1ft idling) were pretty easy.

When I got the square crowned frame, it took me a while to figure out where/how to get my foot on the frame. I did not find 1ft idling any easier. (By the way: the round crown is much more comfortable in barefoot).

I didn’t learn to ride 1ft on the round crown, so I’m not experienced with it, but I don’t think it would be much different than idling (as far as the crown shape is concerned).

I found/find a 20" (5" cranks) substantially easier than a 24" (6" cranks). Your frame foot has to go (relatively) higher with larger wheels / longer cranks. How much more difficult this is likely differs with rider’s leg length and flexibility, and with seat height.