One foot? Yes!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been so inspired by this forum, I’ve been pushing my limits and have been attempting things that seemed impossible just a month or so ago.

I finally got up the nerve to try one footed. I did two revs one footed, with each foot, too! The kids at the playground thought I was a little daft, but I’m used to that.

It was quite the feeling, I felt a bit out of control. I found keeping a nice quick even pace was most helpful, arms out straight at my sides.

NOW what do I do with the othe foot how do I get it there, on the frame, that is?

Another question I have is which mount should I learn next. I can fo the roll back mounts and static mounts with both feet. Also the side mount I think it is called where the unicycle is to the side and the inside leg swings around the seat to the front before landing on the pedal. I can’t decide which one I should learn next. Suggestions?

Thanks to all you folks for the forum and helping to make picking up the uni agin so fun. I’be riding in a vacuum here, have’nt seen another rider in the area in ages. I picked it up recently after years of idleness.


Re: One foot? Yes!

duuuude! you’re from Pullman! I’m from Moscow! this is flippin’ SWEET!

anyway. as for one footed riding…congratulations on getting started!! two helpful websites for learning tricks, one footed riding included, are

Here are some mounts to try next:

Side Mount

Side Mount Reverse

Back Mount

Jump Mount

Rolling Mount

Go to this site to see a brief discription of these mounts and many more. Good luck.

Thanks for the links guys.

I heard there was guy with a coker in Moscow, is that you, James_Potter?

I ride my coker on the Chipman trail for 10 mile or so rides from Pullman, usually “chasing” my 6 year old who’s still on a bike. I actuallly just moved him up to bigger wheels so he could keep up with me better! He is learning to ride a uni, just at his own pace.

I’m almost done with level 3, just the radius on my figure 8 is a bit big still, and I can only do three hops.

Boing boing boing crunch.

I have many of the level 4 skills down like backwards, idling, seat in front and the 360 turns. I just can’t do a L then a R to make the 1.5m figure eight! Grrrrrr. In time…

I will get my NimbusII 20 inch via USP onTuesday, that will make the tighter turns easier than on my Sun 24, right?

Any how, I hope I see you riding out there sometime. The trail is a great place to do middle distances.

I’m still cloud-nine because I managed to ride on one-foot today. I’m still my kid’s hero. I suppose in a coule years I’ll embarrass him with my antics!


that is probably me…there’s two of us in Moscow with cokers, but as far as I know, the other guy doesn’t ride his too much. and I ride mine practically every day, so most people recognize me by the huge wheel I’m sitting on (;
I’ve ridden the chipman trail once…I’m a runner, so I know a lot of good roads and how far the are around Moscow. generally I do distance riding somewhere besides Chipman Trail…but maybe I’ll start doing it more, and hopefully see you out there sometime!

just pull your other foot up and put it on the crown.

i got 69 like that

try to get it up on the crown. i found that sticking it back a bit for balance made the initial learning easier and that after i sorta had some balance at one footing, getting it to the frame lead to the next break through. i could get 3-4 revs before foot on frame. after i improved qucikly to lots more.