one-foot WW/gliding - which foot?

Screw searching! :wink:

I’m trying to do either. Between the rain, I’ve managed to learn to WW pretty well, almost to the point of controlling my turning while doing it, and I can transition back to riding often too. My question is: For one-foot WW, which foot do most people do the pushing with–the dominant foot or the “other” foot?

I’m “right footed”, but somehow I learned to WW leading with the left foot. Now, I’ve noticed that some descriptions suggest that I should put my left foot on the frame first and then start pushing with my right foot. Instead, I start pushing with my left before I even remove my right from the pedal. (I think this makes for a smoother transition anyway than taking two steps to start the WW.)

I’ve been trying one-foot WW starting the same way as my WW and putting my right foot on the frame instead of making the second wheel push, but I have this feeling that my left leg is kind of weak, jerky, and uncoordinated. So I’m thinking about switching to pushing with my right. Also, as for gliding, is one foot generally better to have in front, dragging on the wheel?

I found it easier with my stronger foot controlling the wheel, same foot I used for one footed riding first, but I would reccomend just trying them both and see which one feels more comfortable. Eventually you will probably want to be able to do it with either foot, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter which you learn first. I found that these skills took quite a while to learn (actually I still haven’t gotten gliding well), so don’t give up.

If you’re already pushing with your left foot before you remove your right, then I’d recommend to keep doing it that way. There may be a “better” way to do it, but that’s how I’ve always done it.

Just for the record, I watched Kris Holm glide in Moab in 2003, and he puts one foot on the frame before bringing the other foot up, but it’s still my opinion to just keep doing it how you have been.