one foot trick

Transitioning from one foot vertical hop, to one foot idle

Finally I figured out how to transition from one foot hopping to one foot idle.
I push off the wheel with my free foot and then onto the post to idle.
I also learned to mount straight to one foot riding, thanks to ‘Danni’
What other one foot tricks are there?

I’ve been learning sif 1 foot and it’s real fun. Backwards 1 foot is fun too. and riding off curbs.

edit: and opposite 1 foot

trasitions from 1 foot forwards to one foot backwards are fun, but only if you keep going the same direction :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to burst your bubble, but your other foot was helping in the hopping and the transition to the idle so technically that wasn’t a 1-foot trick or transition.

If you do true 1-foot hopping it’s easy to transition into an idle, perhaps even easier than continuing to hop without anything holding the wheel from oscillating. Keep at it a bit and you’ll see!

I like those ideas. I’ve tried the backwards… scarey. curbs sounds doable.
sif I need to think about. Is your other foot still on the post?

Its not the hop or the idle I’m trying for… its how to get from hop to idle.
You’re saying its possible without pushing off the wheel?
hmmm… sometimes when I ft ride, I need a little push and put my pedal foot near vertical and push the pedal back. Is that the idea?
Stop the hop, tilt the pedal foot forward and push back to start an idle?

When you say ‘true 1 foot’, you mean have the other foot off the post?
I can hop and idle like that, but if you say its possible to transition too, I guess I’ll have to try.

Tricks I can practice in the office are the best :slight_smile:
It gets dark way too early now.

where did you get the quote of me from?lol
is that your response?

To be a one-foot skill, the other foot can’t “help.” That means it can’t be touching the pedal, crank or wheel. But it doesn’t have to be on the fork crown either. That makes most 1-foot tricks easier, but some can be harder that way.

What I meant above was that if you hop without your other foot holding the tire in place, you’ll find out how hard it is to keep your pedal at the bottom. It will tend to start rocking on its own as you try to keep pressing it down and it keeps getting knocked one way or the other. Since that’s already happening (or easy to allow to happen) it’s easy to get from there to the idle.

Oops. You should be more careful what you say :slight_smile:

I find the hops easy/steady, but one foot idle with the free foot not touching the post is hard.
With a bit of practice, I did the transition without the foot on the wheel.

Is that “true one foot”?

I dont get the “rocking on its own” anymore, and it felt silly to try to coax it. So I came to a stop from hopping, and give a sort of a lunge to get the idle started.