One-foot skill file

I have written a skill file for riding with one foot. I wrote it pretty much out
of my head since I relearned it this year, but I welcome more input.


                          RIDE WITH ONE FOOT

1. Ride normally on a flat surface. Keep your weight on the seat and
   sit upright.
2. Remove your foot of preference from the pedal and place it on the top of
   your fork.
3. Ride along, pushing the pedal down hard enough to give you momentum for
   the uptake.
4. When you are ready to stop, take your foot off of the fork and put it on
   the pedal while the pedal is on its way up.

Notes and Hints

Some people prefer to go into a one-leg ride from a one-foot idle rather than
a two-foot ride. Use whichever method you prefer. Depending on how far you
want to go in the sport it will be useful to learn both methods.

Later you may wish to learn to ride with your foot off of the fork. While you
are first learning this skill, though, the fork will give you extra leverage
to control the unicycle.


Beirne Konarski <>

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