One Foot Riding

I found that when i first started one footed riding i learnt how to one footed idle first and with my foot on the frame.


Its easier to learn to idle first?

I learned one footed before idling. idling helps more with learning to ride backwards than it does with one footed riding. so I would say just go for it, and after a couple of UPDs you’ll start to see what works and what doesn’t.

if you have metal pedals, be sure to wear shin guards with some type of protection for the back of your legs. when first learning one footed riding I had those bear trap type pedals and when I UPD-ed it gave me some pretty sweet looking, but painful, scars.

I’ve been practicing it for 3 days now and can get about 7 reps average with my foot in the air. I’ve just briefly tried it on the crown, but the problem I’m having is I always get the heel on it so my toes hit the wheel and I fall. I guess I just gotta try to make sure I get the front of my foot on.

Im guessing your seat isnt too high, which means less leg room for when your going into one footed riding.

Raise your seat up and youll get plenty of room to maneuver your foot onto the frame without it hitting the tire.