One Foot Riding

Is One foot riding easyer with one foot on the pedal and one on the frame, or is it easer with one foot off completely and the other on the pedal.

I find it’s much easier with the one foot on the frame because your leg is steady and not moving around to throw you off…

Although I have noticed at first when ppl learn one footing they just remove thier foot and hold it in the air for a few revolutions. I guess on the frame is harder at first but once you get it it makes riding one foot much easier.

Learn it in the air first.

I think it’s hard to steer left and right with ur leg to the side.

i used to do it in the air, because its easier to start with, but then put your leg on the frame, i think itsmuch easier from a balance point of view so you can go real far.

But learn in the air first, and when you are confident try put your foot on the frame.

I had to put my saddle up though, my uni used to be 90cm tall now its 1m05 lol

my two cents.

having just recently (ahem, this morning) learnt how to ride one footed comfortably, i say start off with your foot in the air, once you can go about 5-10 revs like that, try putting your foot on the crown (toe on crown so you don’t drag on the wheel).
•I found that really helps at first to hang onto the handle and to pull up on it, i think it helps with control and just feeling more secure, again, when you feel comfortable, don’t use the handle, it looks better;) .
•It’s much easier to lose momentum when 1F riding than it is to gain it, so make sure you start off fast enough.
•Also, don’t resist the pedal too much on the upstroke (i only learnt how to not do this today so chill if it doesn’t come at first) and learn how to pull the pedal backwards at the bottom of the stroke, this results in a smoother ride.
•Lastly, try to keep you revs as smooth as possible.

hope that helps out :slight_smile:

Myself, i am really short and i can’t put my foot up on the frame (yet) or my knee will be up by my neck. so i find if i try to make a right angle with my foot (not on the pedal) it really helps keep me balance and i can still turn really well.

Learn one foot idling first, helps a lot.

i meant make a right angle with your leg by bending your knee and puting your shin straight back.

gotta have that leg holding the frame still til’ you get the hang of it…

I’ve been practicing one footed riding a lot today. I haven’t gotten more than 2 revs yet, but I have a feeling that I’m very close to getting it. I’m gunna go and work on it some more in a few mins.

ya I find it much more controled if your foot is on the frame

My right footed riding has recently become somewhat consistant and I started working on left this morning. Personally, I can’t get anywhere with either foot unless my other foot is planted firmly and accurately on the frame.

I started riding with one foot yesterday … and now i can run like that barely 10 metres… i use left foot on pedal, right in the air. For now … i think holding one foot on frame is impossible to me, because then you have to hold the seatpost always straight or you fall…

once you start to put your foot on teh crown, its the reverse, i tried 1ft with foot in the air again today, to see whats its like now that ive mastered (sortof) 1ft riding. i found it real hard to keep the frame underneath me without gripping the seat handle like a vice

Odd, when I first learned, I had to grip the handle, not too hard, but I did find myself gripping it.

Now, my foot can be crossed over the other leg, stick out front, to the side, backwards, or on the frame, and I dont need to hold the handle at all.

Just gotta keep practicing.

It’s also fun to just ride one footed to a destinations. From my house to a Walmart its about 10 blocks away. When learning I would ride one footed form my house to the store. Try it out.

Sorry about wrong information i told> Holding one foot on frame is much easier to do> actually i started doing it today and i reached even forty or fortyfive metres> quite good<

Well as everyone else has said, start off just taking your foot off the pedal and letting it hang wherever.

I think this is just the natural way to learn so that it’s easier to get your foot back on the pedal if you overbalance.

And another thing I seem to do is:

if you’re trying to go smooth, do a few hard/fast pushes, then let the uni roll itself without you putting much pressure on the pedals at all, other than to keep balance - don’t know if anyone else knows what I mean…

i first learned by not having my foot on the frame. some people said it would be easier to learn on a slight down hill, but like almost everything else, i found the flat ground was easier. I now hold on to the handle, put my foot on the frame, and once i find my balance a take my hand of the handle so i can use both my hands for balance.

I can one-footed idle for about the same amount of time I can Idle normally for, but I still haven’t gotten one-footed riding down, I find that doing anything one-footed is easiest with my foot on the crown.