One foot riding

How do you start? I can idle one footed with either my right or left foot down but I can’t get one footed riding. Do you start from one foot idling or do you start from normal riding and just lift a foot up. This is the first skill that I don’t know that I can learn without some help.

Today i was able to get one full rotation starting from one foot idling but it was very hard.

Start from riding. This way the wheel will have momentum. In 1 foot riding you want to push the wheel down then let that momentum carry the wheel around. It’s harder to get that push and start the momentum from an idling position. Good luck.

start by riding normaly and lift one foot up i find it easier

This is how I learned. Taken from

"One Foot Riding

It took me several sessions to understand that getting my “free” foot placed just right on the frame was the most impostant thing–at least for me. I kept fumbling the foot placement, usually having my foot extended too far and my toe would drag the tire and I’d pitch off in a flash. Once I perfected snapping my foot back and up (a tricky move to get it just so) onto the frame I could crank eight or nine revolutions right off. There’s a lot of precision with the foot-to-frame move, and uit felt totally bizarre at first. For anyone who is trying to learn one foot riding, practicing getting that foot placed correctly (I did so leaning against a truck) will likely radically steepen your learning curve.
‘vivalargo’ from forums

For beginning beginners, just try lifting your foot from the pedal as it comes on the upward part of its revolution. Put most of your weight on the other pedal too. You’ll find you can hold it off for a little more each time.
‘David’ from forums

Two things to be thinking about alot when learning one foot:
-Push really hard after the pedal comes over the top and through the down stroke.
-Once the pedal is at the very bottom and the cranks are vertical, you must shift from having all your weight and force going into the pedal to the extreme opposite. On the rear upstroke your foot should be like a feather on the pedal.

Don’t forget to keep your foot and leg moving in the same circular motion as the pedals. If you don’t it will act as a brake and slow down the momentum that you worked so hard for on the down stroke.
Dustin Kelm"

start one footed when your chocalate foot is just coming over the top of the rotation and starting to come down.

although catboy pretty much sumed it all up.

Re: One foot riding

“Catboy” <> writes:

> -Push really hard after the pedal comes over the top and through the
> down stroke.

I’m very confused by this advice. When I push hard one footed, the
wheel shoots out in front of me and I fall off the back. Fast.

My advice is try to pedal very, very smoothly. Most people will find
it easier to ride slightly downhill. Don’t bother trying to get your
foot on the crown until you can hit four or five revolutions
one-footed - with your non-pedalling foor close to the pedal you can
replace the foot and ride off a lot of the time. Once your foot is on
the crown, it will be harder to recover from mistakes, but probably
more stable. Also, try not to go too slowly. The faster I pedal, the
more revolutions I get.


Woah thats a great tip, I should add that to the site :smiley:

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I agree with you on the smooth pedaling. When I pedal smooth, I go farther and can turn easier. BUT, I learned 1F by putting my foot on the crown right away. It was more stable for me. Downside is now I want to work on 1F with leg extended and I don’t want to give up the security of my foot resting on the crown. So there are benefits to going either way. Try both and see which you like better.


I learned by riding, then putting my foot onto the crown when the pedal was at the top for one revolution and then putting it back on the pedal. Once I had that down I went for two, then three, etc.

I learned to 1foot leg extened because of my rounded crown and it wasnt untill later that i got a flat crown.I still think its scarier foot on crown because you are morevulnerable to fall.
but,leg extended you have to wach out so you dont get yfoot caught on the pedal

I just learned how to do this earlier today.

Start by practicing taking the weight off, then go for it.

When you can go 11 rotations pretty solidly with your leg hanging out, set up next to your washing machine and put your foot on the crown in different positions to see what you like, then go out and practice moving your foot to that positions and keep riding.

It took me a bit, but the payoff rules.